The Journey

The journey, they say, is in itself the key;I've been downevery wrong roadmultiple timesit seemed, but to surface, I wish I could say unscathed, with the treasure of mein this mirror now heldsacred,  I'm hesitant to lay blameon my past,for who I amwas definitely shapedby every shadowed,obstacle-strewnpath,  and the keythat ended up being mefits perfectlyinto the lockaround your heart;  I … Continue reading The Journey

Verses of Us (With Audio)

I used to write love poems,not that long ago;the first were to the starsto birthe my heart's hope. I used to write love poemsto passionately release feelings,but they were stamped "return to sender"with the sweet salt of unrequited's sting. I used to write love poemsto no one specifically,just to let Eros seeI was beginning againto … Continue reading Verses of Us (With Audio)

Fins and Fairytruths

I gave othersjust about allof me selflessly,and it drainedanddrainedmeuntil I was leftbaking in the sunat the bottom ofa dry well,fossilizing. You found me. Gently liftedmy headand breatheda fountain of lifeinto me, and the well filledas our hearts did,and instead of treading water, we taught each otherhow to swim in the direction we needed to,dreamed of once,instead of … Continue reading Fins and Fairytruths

When Our Fingers Brush

When our fingers brushbefore the full entwining of hands,in that lightest touch,I feel the warm sand after drifting since birthin the ocean of life,sometimes afloat beneath the moon,mostly pulled by riptide. When my flesh feels yours,every lighthouse at once finds me;the beacons of light bring home the onedestined to love you eternally. Your hand holding … Continue reading When Our Fingers Brush

Meadow Myth

So many keys you possess,having collected them along the way,sand-fossils upon lonely shores,earth-buried near silent graves,all shapes and sizes,from all times and places,dating back centuries,no ties to faces.From a misty meadow,skin-kissed with dew,I emerge and wordlessly standbefore you.I have waitedall these lifetimesfor my key-holderto unlock me to findmy deeper, my deepest,potential beauty.You raise your worn … Continue reading Meadow Myth

Our Hydrology

This restless lovethat resides in meis so alive,constantly bubbling, a fluid lovethat could never bestill or stagnant;it's an endless spring, at a higher level,repeatedly recharging,from the artesian aquifer,naturally rising, this restless love,pureness extracting,crystal goodnessfrom the heart's tapping, endless expressionmanifesting,the need to emote,overwhelming, the joy of living,overflowing,this quenching love,forever growing.