Our Hydrology

This restless love that resides in me is so alive, constantly bubbling, a fluid love that could never be still or stagnant; it's an endless spring, at a higher level, repeatedly recharging, from the artesian aquifer, naturally rising, this restless love, pureness extracting, crystal goodness from the heart's tapping, endless expression manifesting, the need to … Continue reading Our Hydrology

Us in Love

Us in loveMutual blissHeated passionbetween infinite shared interestsUs in loveThis comfortablenessBeautifully nudeas ourselves, no nervousnessUs in loveSo many precious facetsDiscovering in each other'ssparkling cores the hidden diamondsUs in loveOutbursts of mirthAnd plenty of reasons forphones on"Do not disturb"Us in loveDeep in philosophical discussionsAnd quiet time togetherpenning our works in progress Us in loveLying in our … Continue reading Us in Love

Love’s Lyrics

Never have my fingers frozen above the dance floor of the keyboard; my muses still are singing and the music, more beautiful than ever before. It is this love that stills me, leaves me so enchantedly stunned, these alpha-characters suddenly seeming so insufficient. Every feeling filling me, extraterrestrial transcendence; this love lifts me so far … Continue reading Love’s Lyrics

Under the Willow

Under the willow, where the magic breathes, under the willow beneath the draping leaves, Under the willow is where we'll meet, under the willow on a summer evening, Under the willow, to unite our dreams, under the willow, only joyful weeping, Under the willow, barefoot and free, under the willow, fireflies released, Under the willow, … Continue reading Under the Willow


beneath the starsentwined with youendlessly talkingbeneath the moonthe moonwho for so longkept secretmy pleasthe stars now winkingin theirnot-so-subtleconspiracybringing ustogetherunder God'sdirective long afterhope should have beenextinguishedangels in the guiseof the Milky Wayopen the heavensand the blessings rain the sound of my laughtertakes wing on the breezeand the stars in your eyesreflect the light of lovein mine, … Continue reading Mutually

My Breath

My breath gives life to your dreams,a fresh breezethat more than stirsthose visionsfaded in dormancy,in hibernationdeep down,too long asleep;they do more than wakeas they rise upto frolic and play,overly-delighted,dancing jubilantly–an eternal green spring. My breath gives life to the youyou've been hiding;every shadowed corner insidereceives my beacon lightcalling your soulto shed its heavy layers,to let … Continue reading My Breath