Try To

I challenge you... to try to remain focused on your mind's troubles when fallen tree-blossom petals keep playfully popping your bubble, to attempt to cling to the dust gathering on your dream's wings when gusts of spring breeze keep gleefully sweeping, to keep your head down from the weight of the world when the sky … Continue reading Try To

This May Day

A beautiful May Day, a time to celebrate spring and me, the blessings He continuously gifts, I continuously see; may I never lose that heightened ability, for with it, the awe of every petal and leaf seeps into my being, and with the scents and colors, I give back in letters arranged to the best … Continue reading This May Day

Wildflowers in the Light

minute details extraordinaire captivate with their shape patterns enticing the iris whisper enchantment lead the way opening portals to fairy worlds offering wisdom pearls when petals unfurl glorious creation underfoot under-appreciated so often overlooked mindfulness, lack of speed photographer's lens steady underneath is granted access to the kingdom not so secret but gifted to those … Continue reading Wildflowers in the Light