Beneath the Super Moon

I harness storms and moons

through raised arms

and submersion in sea,

accepting, channeling,

the power and glow

into the innermost

depths of me.


Do I look any different?

My aura, the galaxies in my eyes?

Because I feel the change,

the invincibility,

when my soul soaks in

the rain and night lights.


I harness storms and moons.

I wonder what a “super” would do,

a “snow moon” over white sand,

beams reaching the waves

that in anticipation


I feel the magic will not take effect

unless upon my flesh

I feel the light

the super

only tonight


With a certain moon alignment,

perhaps these magical waters

will reveal I am really

Luna’s long-lost daughter.


But if I get the chance

to finally meet my unearthly family,

I would rejoice and visit, but like Hercules,

return to you,

for the pull

of my heart

toward yours

is more than any other gravity,

and I could never be happy

not knowing

if you felt the same




Super Moon, Snow Moon 2/8/2020

Poem and images ©LauraDenise