Tears and Tears (Triple Haiku)

fresh spring rain on greensalty drops clinging to cheeksall water cleanses tears and tears the sameheteronyms for the painone dries, one remains tears and tears post-stormone can let the light reach through one can bloom from love Poems and images ©LauraDenise More of my haiku and nature photography on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bylauradenise/

Always Surmountable

©LauraDenise We are never trapped,just fated to faulty perspective, succumb to specious perception;it's all relevant, related – one more rock-move awayfrom the light on the other sideof the avalanche, one more "wrong" turnlost in the forestbefore hearing the anabranch... much is necessarily experienced:near suffocation sometimes the only way to motivate a life-saving change, the legs of the … Continue reading Always Surmountable

Floral Orbit

It's hard to decipherwhich is me, which is you, when we alternatepositions, both alwaysas one and the gentlestof blooms.Sometimes it is the shadowsthat give the needed solace;in tender loving form, one protectively umbrellasan ecliptic respite.We are the same:each crease in the petala similar quondam-but-unable-to-be-forgottenstory, memory,that will not becomeus, for our souls' DNAseeps fromhearts of goldand velvet touches,for all purityis … Continue reading Floral Orbit

Gardens Along The Way

Raindrops clingto Japanese Maple;Time suspends themto give way toStillness's held breath...subtly exhaledas I pass, as if I were aroyal angel. Bare feet uponthe cool, smooth stones,into another potentialgarden of myself,I enter alone,a blossoming budincongruous with the shibui growth;humbly, I pauseto reflect,but recognize this is also notmy home.  I continue onin the directional tug of my soul.  Poem … Continue reading Gardens Along The Way


Without a doubt, one of my favoriteparts of life isclouds. The soft pastelsat dawn lift me upand take me home;sunset-backdropped,at day's end,I am delivered again,haloed in gold.  Nature-ensconced, nature-infused, nature my lifeline,nature my truth-school. I befriend every creature and petal,explore every infinitesimal detail,lose all track of time in the macrofinding clues about myself,  but nothing He has madeentrances … Continue reading Cloudscapes

Beneath The Magnolia Trees

May Day birthday, one to addgenuinely to my scant album of joyful memories, as Time bows down to still itselfand lets me live some momentsimmortally beneath the Magnolia trees that seemed to have waitedfor this occasionto begin their epic blooming. So dear to me have becomethe velvet ivory,symbolizing hopeand soul purity, so many seasons dormant,waiting … Continue reading Beneath The Magnolia Trees

In The Eye

Don't tell me there is no divinitywhen I am looking heaven in the eye,infused with the essence, soul-transfixed, lifted,swirling upwards as colors become light,and the ingress solicitously entices the spiritas form sublimes, shapeshifts until undefined,and passes through the full transfusion of serenitythrough the glowing portal in the after-pouring sky. Poem and this evening's photo ©LauraDenise

Concrete Daisies

Concrete daisies veiled in silhouette,shadows upon the crushed,colorless. Wind-caressednonetheless,the mood of the kinesthetic,interpretless, no witness,for every glanceis upon the sourcehues and scent, the cast-shadow dance,musicless.  I fall into a trancewatching all the waysthe whispered stories on the side non-stageare artistically portrayedin the concrete-daisyballet.  Poem and image ©LauraDenise

I Walk With Thee

Beneath the Prunus avium Plena,I walk with thee,our souls the samedouble bloom,pure white,light-laced,bound tenderly. Graceful and graciousis this love;we bow humbly. The birds sing.Eternal spring.Hearts hatched;finally, the Birthing. My life beganwhen you reachedfor my hand,and we strolled into our dreams leisurely,intentionally losingourselves togetheramong the double whitecherry trees. Photo sent to me by a friend ❤

Of Wildflowers

In the texture of petals,in the lifelines and veins,I silently read the private storiesin the evaporating, evanescent after-rain.  In the ones with the audacity to rise and bloom where they please, defying borders and surviving pesticides, I feel myself for the first time breathe.  In the tiniest, overlooked complexities, I scrutinize worlds within,chosen and privy to the revealingof the … Continue reading Of Wildflowers