Authentic Light

Sometimes, an ember of sunshine is all we need, that bit of hopeful light to safely keep   in a pocket, in a palm, in a locket, in a song,   nourish it until it again is strong enough to fully illuminate on its own,   for sometimes even the sun gets weary of using … Continue reading Authentic Light


I used to foolishly attemptto trek around the stormsto avoid them,but the weather comesregardless... Eventually, I learnedsome you must simplyforge throughand get it over with... But then I rememberedthe times uponaluminum wingsI've flown,and how the stormsappear the ceilingonly to those below. It took a long while,but I finally grewwings of my ownand apply that lesson,simply soar abovemany of the dark … Continue reading Ascension


Beneath the leavesand soft pinks,seeds of summer love begin to blossom. Fingers reachin hesitancyfor her handwith a heartso softened, so openand vulnerable;fear freezeshalfwayas feelings becomeunutterable,but her fleshhe brushesand realizesshe met himthe rest of the way,hands join,and eyes,all of those feelings,convey...Passing throughthe pergola,their heartsfully unite,souls becoming foreverso organicallyentwined.Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Floral SeaStar

The whiteturns sheer,seems to dissolve,revealingthe seastar within;it glows in my palm,recognizing the lifelinesas the oneit has been searching forto deliver the messagespirit to spirit,a mutual connection,a wish upon a starlong ago returnedwith the reassurancethat those whisperswere clearly heard,another signthat I am on the right pathand getting closerto where you are.In the center of the starappears … Continue reading Floral SeaStar