Barricades and Gates

Don't count the daysyou've been apartor all the fissuresthat keep formingin your heart.Don't count at allexcept to count on the reunion.Sometimes it's necessaryto future-focus in those moments. Close your eyesand let that vision in;the light of faithmakes the best stitches. Stop red-exing. Green circleall the days left in this life.Keep hope open andinto each moment invited. Don't count … Continue reading Barricades and Gates

Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Hope is a red balloon. To dream is to release,To let the heart again believe:Benediction granted wings. Hope is a red balloon. To fear is to release. Self-shackling to the ribbon neededFor freedom to be achieved. Hope is a red balloon.But with passenger and knapsack attached,It becomes the passagewayBetween spirit-death and life hatched.  Hope is a red balloonThat … Continue reading Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Remembering Colors

Inner chamber protected, guarded. Scarred. Misused and abusedbefore. Colors over decadesfade. Doors and windowsboarded.  The softness of youlike dawn. Patience watercolorsshared canvas in pastels.Gradually, I reach to try some,apply upon my soft shell. Day by day, ébaucheto a never-final coat.Overflowing well withinnow self-saturates. Self-love's ductsunclogged.A Master peace of love:brought together, soulmates.  Poem and images ©LauraDenise


I am here. I am being me. Helpless it seems, but you sayit is everything.  I hope so. Since the beginning, trusting you has been so easy.  These words, simple. This love, profound. Love will win. You will never drown.  Hand in hand, together, we will ridethis waveout.  And when the surfcomes for me, I'll hold on to youuntil the sirensleave.  Through the cyclesthey have cursed … Continue reading Breakers

Final Light

Night disintegrates in the middle, as the final white lightpierces:noiseless epistle. Allfallstill, some through the trap door:one prophesy fulfilled. Approaching the light,limited time, shadows evaporating:Truth's combine. Back of the linemoving quickly forward.Eyes widen:final bipartisan border.   So many hands raised. Some bargaining in pleas, some opening to receive. Regrets' final drowningin bucket lists,all possessions vaporized into ash and lint. This is it. Approaching The Light, limited time. If He speaks, what will … Continue reading Final Light


Some chambersof the heartcannot be revived,but somehow, in time,the others manageto thrive,filling in with extracolor and light,like fall delicatelypreserved despitethe returning of spring,some thingssimply adapt inside,like a damaged heartthat syncsto another’s beat,incapable of replacingor restoring that partbut giving new lifeto a deserved and beautifulheart. Poem and image ©LauraDenise