Some chambersof the heartcannot be revived,but somehow, in time,the others manageto thrive,filling in with extracolor and light,like fall delicatelypreserved despitethe returning of spring,some thingssimply adapt inside,like a damaged heartthat syncsto another’s beat,incapable of replacingor restoring that partbut giving new lifeto a deserved and beautifulheart. Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Garden of Light (With Audio)

There is a garden of lore in which the flowers blossomfrom the light within, keeping them ever candescent,  white lanterns, scented,illuminating the directionto each soul's centerto rest snuggly within,  a respite from the ways of the world,a healing oasisfrom even the self; no ghosts can enterfor heaven's seventh circle only allows angels and their guest mortals. I was going to … Continue reading Garden of Light (With Audio)

Spring Frosting

Frosted silver-blue in springushers in eucalyptus dreams.I inhale the heavenly possibilities wafted through my senses and altering my inner being, frosting me with the sweetscents of what can beand what can never be lost,centuries of hope long agoand perpetually seededthat spring up each annual seasondespite the body's expirationsacrificed for the birthingof eternal angel wings. Every heart's whisper, every tear that … Continue reading Spring Frosting

Tea With Honey Bee

Few things do I findmore peaceful than the golden hoursI make and spend with non-peoplein those euphoric momentsI string togetherbetween the shadows, sitting among the beesin neither garden nor bramble,a weedy yard as proxy for the meadowI have yet to discoveras my special place to feel home.  In the meantime, longer still, will I spend unweaving the webto the portal.  I watch in comfortingcompany … Continue reading Tea With Honey Bee

A Fallen Blossom At Dawn

Another fallen the ones beforein years passedI photographedand told stories for. Each of these moves mein such profound ways;what's underfoot,what others pass,stops me in my trackswith the silent beautyso profoundly displayed. For a lifetime, I feelI could sit and contemplate,reflect on all the lessonsand secrets it portrays... This is how I knowI'm different, for off … Continue reading A Fallen Blossom At Dawn

Single Lady Beetle

One single ladybugupon the petals pink.  Enough to thrill me,unwrap my childhood glee,take me back topure and natural naïvety;  my hair wrapped upatop my head messily, but I feel it fallinto playful pigtailsand hear my childhoodcall, giggling.  I am such a nature freak,perhaps geek.Probably both.  But it's been seven yearssince I've seen one of these,after having … Continue reading Single Lady Beetle

Resilient Hearts

I am NOT a gardener.Though a gardener I've never tried to be...Every natural wonder I've ever encounteredhas been there before me, remnants from previous tenants' tastesand sculptures wild and freelovingly planted in my pathby the Creator Almightyand meant at the time of discoveryto be the personal messages needed.  And so it is with my hibiscus pinks, cut … Continue reading Resilient Hearts