Weekend Renewal

Autumn in the South:no warm-hued foliageyet to be found.Faithful leaves adhereto branches,stubborn, tauntingthe November ground. Windows open though,temperatures temperate,and the fresh air I breathe incould not be more perfect.Saturday morning well spentreading, writing, creatingwith and at ease,puppy napping beside meso contentedly,instrumental musicscooping up silencein a loving dance,floating in a reverieof me-time peace,I sip my teaand … Continue reading Weekend Renewal

Take Me to the Forest

We can walk the beach and climb the mountains, but let's settle down in a cozy cabin   in the heart of the forest;   my soul is home among the thick-trunked trees– towering skyscrapers, nature's majesties,   keepers of ancient wisdom.   My hiking boots upon the dirt, my palm upon the textured bark, … Continue reading Take Me to the Forest

I Spy a Time…

The stone children sit, on the ground barefoot, looking at something that has caught their interest, dirt-caked skin, grass-stained clothes, earth rubbed into flesh and soul, siblings bonding, sharing, borrowing, from one another's imagination to create an adventurous land of make believe, adult- and stress- and time- free, timeless memories, innocence of childhood, ensconced, petrified, … Continue reading I Spy a Time…

The Sun Shares

The sun shares its rays indiscriminately, reaching the shadows through trees, fully embracing wild grasses and weeds, as beacons of hope, a needed ingredient for growth, highlighting the beauty already existing, air-brushing landscapes with yellows and white, causing heads to turn toward the nature and light, away from the clouded thoughts darkening minds above the … Continue reading The Sun Shares

Beyond the Gate

My heart is heavy, like the gate I pull open to escape into nature-- my secret garden I've never explored before today... the seasons of my heart seem to pass gradually... the past—vines, lines tracing my history... the future—frosted, magical, snow-kissed berries, whimsical fantasies... the now—fresh greens and seeds blossoming, into what? the shapes and … Continue reading Beyond the Gate