Ice and Fire

Ice crystals upon Florida blades, clouds engulfed in raging flames, Jack Frost and Robert fill my brain... but neither fire nor ice do I perceive in any way save benevolently, a campfire in the sky that enraptures delightfully; I watch it just the same, hypnotized by nature's shapeshifting. The rareness of this kiss of frost … Continue reading Ice and Fire

Give Me Cloudy Days

Give me cloudy days!Fill the skieswith grandiose displays,billows of magnificence,those ever-shifting shapes! No sunrise will I misswhen those clouds get their first kissand set off on their journeyblushing with pink bliss. Let the clouds continue to bloomwhen the skies default to blue;all day long, let them comeand show off what they can do. I'll still … Continue reading Give Me Cloudy Days

Predawn Calls

Pre-dawn calls,beckons me to comeoutdoors to witnessthe ceremony of Sunin its ritualistic return,for each genesis of day,I insist in being presentfor the glorious display;birdsong liftsas a gift, and Iturn skywardsmy soul-window eyes,and inside me,all falls stillas the silhouette-on-pastel cloudsdrift and swirl,and Time itselfforgets to propelthe earthin those momentsso angelically tranquil.