Open Road

Open road gently unfolds,
morning stretches
between sheets of grandiose.

In excited anticipation,
my heart leaps up at every curve
as the sun rises in all its glory
and slowly churns

hues so bold and beautiful, 
highlighting the rolling hills
of clouds –– windows down,
hair blown, coffee in hand,
and hours to go.

I will never mind an open road,
man-laid black carpet
leading into the natural horizon
beneath God’s effulgent throne. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Morning Kiss

The sea oats
have grown tall;
I let them
skim my palm, 

feel the tickles
gifted from heaven
as the sea’s soul 
is orchestra lifted 

above the tides
of this earth
to scoop me up
with open arms
into the surf.

I offer all I’ve brought
to sacrifice to God,

releasing the heavy,
releasing the pain, 
hoping the ghosts 
will choose escape

as I make it more
to haunt these
inner spaces

tarnished, turning gold
from the light
of love
joining the soul’s. 

My feet sink
in the warm silk
as my heart, 
with you inside,
even more 

Buoyant become
the weights
as the shackles and chains
give way
to become part
of the dark, watery

Today, I take
back my life.
Today the curse,
I unwind.

Wet feet,
sand clinging,
I walk back
and through my fingers,

the sea oats feel
the difference

as the sun 
rises to kiss
me so gently 


Poem and images ©LauraDenise


I’ll keep the faith,
I’ll hold onto hope,
keep my eye on the light
and the hidden holes.

Don’t want to turn
any more wrong ways,
been searching too long,
I’m ready to stay

right here with you
no matter the world;
we’ll see Love through,
we’ll break the spells,

chancellors of all
that’s good and pure and true,
we’ll bring it out,
stay beautiful.

Let’s keep the faith;
He’ll see us through.
Let’s find more light
and share it, too.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Forever is the Sunrise

Forever is the moment 
that stills me
when everything
is swirling inside
my heart, my soul, 
my mind…

Forever is the moment
that absolves me,
that nature bestows,
head bowed or not,
heart knotted or atoned. 

Forever is the moment
that holds me
so personally close,
the rays extended
to touch 
with warmth. 

Forever is the moment
that soaks me, 
in waves that rebirthe
or ripples that trickle
to my inner caverns

where I buried
the treasure
of me 
in a chest of fear,
where only the mermaids
are entrusted 
with the key
shaped from 
my tears. 

Forever is the moment
I carry with me
in every moment
I am away
from the sea. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

When the Lamp Goes Out

Natural and manmade
silently juxtaposed,
constructed poles
off the mark,
crooked, leaning, 
despite attempted anchoring, 
branches gravitating 
in the right direction, 
toward the Light
of the World, 

rooted in belief,
faith running deep,
grasping earth,
dirt, free of 
sand and soil 
supporting vertical
inner growth
to break ground,
breathe air,
sprout, bloom, reach,
loving whispers
saying you are

When the artificial light
goes out, 
I am able to clearly

Obstructed view,
no view, 
no proof:
nothing needed.

Even after
the sun retires
from rising, 
inside the seed of me 
will be found this



Poem and this morning’s sunrise image ©LauraDenise

I Wear the Gold


I wear the gold of the beauty-brushed coast
as dawn coats us both with the light of hope;

I feel it bleeding into my soul.

A new day is birthed into the waves,
a new year on a calendar man-made;

timelessness prevails in the ocean’s refrain.


The gold is neither molten nor cold;
it warms to life the dreams put on hold,

and for anointment, I offer the ones held close.

Seashells keeping infinite secrets
glisten silently still yet reaching;

maybe there is a message meant for me…

img_9015 (1)

The gold scatters away as the day awakes,
but I still glow from being soaked in those celestial rays;

it resides inside of me, an inextinguishable flame.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Lone Fisherman

Lone fisherman at the sea
I watch as the sun begins to bleed
into the horizon and the golden
makes a moment of the scene
that in turn seeps into me
and coats in a honey so sweet
each of my memories and dreams.

The fisherman fades in footsteps away
into the sunrise of a thousand days,
and I paint upon the canvas of my soul
a thousand stories I do not know.

Poem and image by Laura Denise