The Journey

The journey, they say, 
is in itself the key;
I’ve been down
every wrong road
multiple times
it seemed,

but to surface, 
I wish I could say unscathed, 
with the treasure of me
in this mirror 
now held

I’m hesitant 
to lay blame
on my past,
for who I am
was definitely shaped
by every shadowed,

and the key
that ended up being me
fits perfectly
into the lock
around your heart; 

I look forward
to every step
we now get to take
journeying to meet our Matchmaker,
hand in hand,
to that eternal

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

3 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I’ve come to the same awareness that all the trials and “failures” were actually preparation for coming attractions. Great poem, especially for those of us finding the right match well into life. And your image!! I’ve been there, or somewhere laid out similarly, and it’s a fantastic visual for how two life paths come together and then twist together heading toward “horizon”.


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