Parking Lot Thoughts

Turn not a blind eye uponthe beauty that surrounds;sometimes you simply mustexpend a bit of effort toseek it out.There is never a beauty drought.Look about! In a grocery store parking lot,for you, I frame this bouquet,non-bought, to send you a wordless reminderof my love, to remind you are dearlythought of,desiring that the white-petaled hopecould be a moment that … Continue reading Parking Lot Thoughts

Seasons Within

Shades of bright pink–magenta, fuchsia, cerise–through a sea of gray, peek,a reminder that soon it will be spring.In the shroud of fog and mistthat seems to perpetually persist, nature refuses to statically subsist;every cloud will again disperse or lift.Time was constructed with the condition of motion with clauses that require stages of hibernation;every living thing needs rest … Continue reading Seasons Within

The Tiller

Trust in the shadows;they are benevolent too, dimming the wrong waysso the beacon may shine through. Listen for the truth;it whispers faithfully through the gale.Turn your back to the blustery lies;the bitterest of winds best fill the sails. You don't need a mapfor an evacuation route;just follow the signsHe's already laid out. He knows all, … Continue reading The Tiller

Cleaning Windows

Revisiting cracked window scenesfrom my past,on my terms,in a controlled mental environment, I strip him of the victim persona,no, not persona...I believed him victimdeep withinsince as a boy, Addiction took hold. I wipe the filmfrom the glass,but it only smears more;I clean it properlyand reveal myselflooking out,eyeing the door. Only my hidden tearfrom that year … Continue reading Cleaning Windows


Valley to valley,shapeshifting sands,mountains slipping downand through my hands,  peak miragesyet they block my view,do not permit ascentfrom the shadowsto vistas of truth,  yet I knewbeyond the traps and setbacks,somewhere out therewas a billowing mast and endless skies of blueand a sail or cloud or bothto take me away to where I knewmy hopes as … Continue reading Harbingers


Above the clouds,looking down,I see the beaconunable to be buriedbeneath the wavesat the "bottom" of the abyssal sea:it shines for me, lighted gemof hopeat the heartof the ocean's soul, Mother of the lightthat has long beenimplanted in me.I recline on the sky-drops,and the automatic echofrom my chest begins to flickerits internal glow. Poem and images … Continue reading Inextinguishable