obstructed by boulders, been told of the horizon beyond make the best of the dead-end called home the road placed upon no need for wings when caged by ceiling dreams fading suffocating gaze turned away from that crack letting in light ears choose to no longer be fooled by hope's lullaby no way out of … Continue reading Obstructed

Rainy-Day Dreams

Waterdrops drip from the gray, but they do not dilute my colors; boldly, they remain.   My dreams are not made of sidewalk chalk in danger of the rain; they cannot be washed away.   They are more like the wildflower, beautiful bloom with roots that the earth selflessly lends a hand to, so the … Continue reading Rainy-Day Dreams

This Is

Sunrise kisses brushed upon eyelids, Quenching drops nourishing, renewing, the spirit, Velvet petals caressing the flesh, erasing false perfections, inner seeds in ecstasy sacrificially spilling, Breezes always joyfully willing to carefully carry the heart's deepest wishes, Lonely floating feathered silhouettes receiving comforting sunset ripples, Faithful mutually blooming companion, a bud always returning, Upon a pure … Continue reading This Is