Sending This Ray

Thinking of you, old friend,and sending this rayto reach you and remind youyou are valued today.Thank you for all the waysyou inspired me to take up my pen;I haven't let it rest since thenand never will again. It's not right for the shadowsto ever find you so Ichase them sometimesbecause you forevermore deservepeace of mind,and … Continue reading Sending This Ray

Give Me Cloudy Days

Give me cloudy days!Fill the skieswith grandiose displays,billows of magnificence,those ever-shifting shapes! No sunrise will I misswhen those clouds get their first kissand set off on their journeyblushing with pink bliss. Let the clouds continue to bloomwhen the skies default to blue;all day long, let them comeand show off what they can do. I'll still … Continue reading Give Me Cloudy Days

Editing Memories

I can't help but thinkof all of those momentsthat still play in my headin slow motion...each one that filled mewith such escalation,anticipation,heightened many instancesI've framed in my mindin the scrapbookI've assembled over sure in each of thosejovial junctures,you were sharingthe same wishfor a somedayhappily-ever-after,and even if we could never be,you sharing in that … Continue reading Editing Memories

Seasons of the Heart

Leaves, pinecones, and acorns fall,petals and whole blooms too;the hands of timepropel the seasons,pulling and pushingthe memories of you. Change comes inevitably,seems to detach and deterioratein the downward descenton the slippery slopesof wet-leaves and iced pathways. We can find our grip though,we can find the beauty that clings,hold in our hearts the comforting scents,focus on … Continue reading Seasons of the Heart