Always Have Been

When the voices inside,whether yours or theirs,start to rise up and disguise the lies as truths, look to the skyand see the rayof light shining downon false transparencies refracting all thebeautiful colorsthat make up you. Don't use artificiallooking glasses,for the perpetratorscan too easilyhide behind them,your doppelgänger included.  See your reflection insteadin the windows of the soulsof those … Continue reading Always Have Been

Among the Magic

You'll find me out backin my private non-gardenhunched over microscopic lifeinspecting myself within it, making the miraculousnessof the minute mundaneeven more magicalwhen I take thelens-trapped specimensback to my labto play with digital, matching what I seein my mind's eyein the world of nature,I present to othersin art form the endlessenchanted wonders. You do you:my life … Continue reading Among the Magic

In Between the Rains

In between the rains,I collect the molecules of my soul,air-dropped from the heavens,clues gifted from angels. I peer into the crystalliquid balls of the beyond,not the future but the now,glimpses of the parallel worlds. Each minuscule evanescent orbthe only looking glass for me;the universe within,my naked eye squints to see. This water of life toocomposes … Continue reading In Between the Rains

Abandoning Ghosts

If just for today, my darling, turn your back on them;let's leave the ghosts behind,full circle turn the penance. We'll frolic through the fields,tuck some petals behind our ears;let the coast drown out those distant wails,let our laughter be what we hear. Take my hand, my love;too beautiful is this day!Let's get lost on our deserted … Continue reading Abandoning Ghosts

Too Soon To Title

You can find me among the wildflowersin the golden light;this is one of the few things I knowabout where my soul resides.  You'll carry the scars;they make you who you are, but rarely will they remindof the battles you thought you lostwhen you slipped through that presumed eternal holeinside. He lies.  That's all you need to knowfor … Continue reading Too Soon To Title

Stream of Spring Consciousness

Morning coffee on the patio:it's been awhile. New neighbor childrenand puppy raisingled to a different lifestyle. Reconnecting with my cursive, reunion of paper and pen,a classic hand-dance, electronics self-banned. Still seeming like a bird sanctuarydespite limited trees,motley of species, local and snow,join voices to unharmoniously sing. New post-hurricane fencestill not for me;I'll always prefer non-new and non-wallsdespite needing privacy:my … Continue reading Stream of Spring Consciousness

Reflection Deception

What is it about nature's reflectionsthat draw us in and entrance us; just the optical illusion,or is there more to itbeneath the surface? I stand divided betweenwhat is and is not:truths entombed in deceptionsguarded by ghostly aspswith venomous tongues. One side, firm footing,the other, a gator-bait splash;demons and sirens playingshamelessly dirtierthe more questions I ask.  Round … Continue reading Reflection Deception