The Tiller

Trust in the shadows;they are benevolent too, dimming the wrong waysso the beacon may shine through. Listen for the truth;it whispers faithfully through the gale.Turn your back to the blustery lies;the bitterest of winds best fill the sails. You don't need a mapfor an evacuation route;just follow the signsHe's already laid out. He knows all, … Continue reading The Tiller


Valley to valley,shapeshifting sands,mountains slipping downand through my hands,  peak miragesyet they block my view,do not permit ascentfrom the shadowsto vistas of truth,  yet I knewbeyond the traps and setbacks,somewhere out therewas a billowing mast and endless skies of blueand a sail or cloud or bothto take me away to where I knewmy hopes as … Continue reading Harbingers

Infused With You

Daydreams rise up and become infusedinto the golden clouds on their way tothat place unseen but guaranteedto exist just for the ones who fully believe in all the things conceivedfrom purity, beauty, and truth,each sunset, kissed and renewed.I release my heart again for you.When it arrives,you will hold it again so tenderly tight,and when you fall … Continue reading Infused With You

Off Trail

At the crossroadsagain,so I thought,the familiar loop trailI've been traversing upon, the path that intersectswith a hopeful other,but I've explored bothand all the countless others,  round and round,and though the scenery is nice,I've been looking for somethingdifferent all of my life, not sure what,but I've always knownI'd know when I stumbled uponthe right way home, … Continue reading Off Trail

Every Heart

Every heart goes through seasons;every soul sometimes dims.Spring isn't meant to be eternal;shadows may need to become friends. Pain cannot be avoided,but heartache need not break us;When the last leaf falls,it's the tree's self-preservation. Winter brings delicate beautyto those possessing appreciation.Some blessings bloom brightly;others require effortful observation. Fragile flowers sometimes get peltedby heavy winds and … Continue reading Every Heart

It is the Sky

Awesome and tranquil Seasoothes me, strokes me with peace... The Mountains huddle protectivelyand I feel snug in the middle of their majesty... The Woods beckon me to wander endlessly,enchanted by flickering sunbeams between trees.... Unsurpassed beauty in the petals' intricacies,I hesitantly unfurl with the Flowers delicately... But of all of the nature in gifted creation,nothing … Continue reading It is the Sky

When Our Fingers Brush

When our fingers brushbefore the full entwining of hands,in that lightest touch,I feel the warm sand after drifting since birthin the ocean of life,sometimes afloat beneath the moon,mostly pulled by riptide. When my flesh feels yours,every lighthouse at once finds me;the beacons of light bring home the onedestined to love you eternally. Your hand holding … Continue reading When Our Fingers Brush