I thought I saw a glimpseof angel wings with one tear clinging,  or maybe it was my imagination or my dream realized, or so I thought, for in that fleeting brushand drop, a celestial crystal ball of truths;  after all, I write my own future,  and sometimes the signsare only meant to be clues only detectable in the listening of the vision  within that … Continue reading Glimpses

Little Tree On The Mountaintop

Little tree on the mountaintopbeneath sun's celestial reach,planted purposely at the very peakor actively advancing toward dreamsfrom a seed,more mighty to methan the mountain itselfand all of the tallest treesbeneathlooking up. Little tree on the mountaintopBiblically reminiscent,perhaps a Jesus storynever told,or the Lord'sseemingly futile reachto have us remember this precious given life'sgoals. Who is changed upon the descent … Continue reading Little Tree On The Mountaintop


Some set off to find themselves; some say wherever you go, there you are. Some never choose paths to explorebut remain stagnant, wishing upon stars. (But stars are evermoving,taking those wishes with them,beckoning the dreamer to followthe paths constellationly charted.)I set off with no objective,but upon returning, the self-reflection(thoughts actually in the clouds!)made me realize about myselfthat I … Continue reading Confirmations


Blue skies seem sometimesbehind us too far,and when the oasis of nearness dissipates into illusionyet again, we dangerously tire,as the colors of hopefadelike sidewalk chalk in the rain,and we driftwithout careinto the storm. But as long as there areforks and bendsin the paths and roads,what-ifs and depends,Fate can only temporarily takehostages,for choice and circumstanceand weather will permitthe opportunitiesto change … Continue reading Drifting

Simply Introverted

She fans silken petals, the softest of shells, not to be coy, just discreetly distancing herself, comfortable cocooned, guilty of pretense, privacy preferred over others' presence, never unfriendliness, just not social; passions and interests captivate most when alone. Tending to her own tendrils, internal biodome,  nirvana nurtured, nature, home. She shows the sides she chooses; do … Continue reading Simply Introverted

Wishes and Prayers

When I pray, I always add the addendum,"...if it is in accordance with Your plan,"for more than what I plea for,superseded, I wish for us to remainalways in His hands. I trust whatever may happen,although I may not understand,will come with a needed lesson,a necessary occurrence in the processof the destiny in becoming once again  who … Continue reading Wishes and Prayers

Rooted to Trees

Tree-hugger for as long as I can remember(my favorite nature companions), known sky-and-cloud obsesserto those who discover a drop of who I am. I write of the seabecause I have been living by the beach,and if my writing you currently read,you know mountains aren't my thing. Wildflowers, especially white ones, have become infused into my … Continue reading Rooted to Trees

Some and Me

Some were built for height,some false with imitation bark,some ill-fated by others' fires, some have witnessed the sparks.The dark, the light, rotates and falls upon each equally. Some were meant to sky-reach.Some use the sun's loveto bloom in delicateand fleeting beauty.At the feet of giant trees, with whom I have alwaysfelt most rooted,in white lace and ray's kissstill fresh on my … Continue reading Some and Me

The Little Things

Something there is in a soul's compositionthat personalizes lightfrom the connecting threads;in the weave of mine,part my art and part divine,seems to be for the grandiosesome kind of rare blindnessin the mainstream sense,for I only find it in the minute and steeped inmindfulness,the larger picturealways blurred and muted,unacceptably-by-societydismissing sweeping views;upon deaf eyes, the waterfalls,for my soul only … Continue reading The Little Things