I stop kissing you
all over
with the arrival
of those colors,

that fleeting burst
of wonder
to remind us of our
benevolent Creator.

The sky erupts
in pastels and light;
the windows get tinted,
so I fly outside.

By the hand
and heart,
still connected, 
you follow suit,
smiling topless

in your jeans.
The light reflects
off my evergreen

You say it’s hard
to tell which is brighter
when my eyes are affixed
on the horizon,

but even you
succumb to it:
the moments of glory,
the magnificence, 

and just like that,
the day descends,
and we resume
our sweet indulgence:

lips dancing
beneath the stars
that wink between
about the lovers

they brought together
by aligning 
when He finally gave the nod
in the timing… 

Poem and unedited sunset ©LauraDenise

Petal Shell

A petal shell, dried and fragile, 
colorless, ready to detach.
Another wilted, drooping
in response, also giving


love nourishes, can always win, 
just needs
more than waiting on the wind;
love needs help
for love is not always enough.
Love needs lovers
to rise up. 

Love then can touch,
surround in green and blooms,
grow the heart,
heal the wounds. 

I’ll harness the setting sun,
and feed it
to you. 

It’s my turn
to be strong.

Hang on, my love. 
Love with nourish us through. 

So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

(1 Corinthians 13:13)

Love never fails.

(1 Corinthians 13:8)


Each moment
I gently hold
so tenderly,
each for a separate
still-life eternity,
seal in a crystal
tear of joy,
baubles of my heart
hung in the field,
suncatchers upon
the Tree of Life,
and I kneel and feel
the kiss on my bowed head
from the Light,
and my Father whispers, 
“It is what I have always wanted
for you, my sweet child.”
I rise and return
to the heaven
of your love,
and just for today, 
for us,
time slows down…

Carry Me Awhile

Daydreams of our realities
honey-coat my soul
in ever-flowing, slow-motion doses
countering the draining quotidian 
as I give and give myself. 

Your touch, your love,
your whisper, your smile
live within me, always
carry me that last mile,

strength lifted
into the arms of strength;
faith amalgamated
with faith,
against the sunset,
our silhouettes
refuse to fade,

pure love’s light,
two hearts of white.
Carry me home, love.
I wish to only be
your wife tonight. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Blooms & Moods

White and ivory blooms,
intact with their earthy roots,
just right in the soft sunlight,
will always be my favorite
for the way my soul connects
to a home I know I once

And the bright yellows
that herald in spring,
flower trumpets
kicking off the jubilee,
insisting that every face
turn toward the sun
and celebrate –
those do make my heart

But when it comes to romance,
kiss me beneath the softest, silkiest pinks,
like the subtle blush of our cheeks
just after our lips brush,
having found the perfect song
among the scented breeze of the trees
that shelter and witness our sweet

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Puddle Abyss

Storm whisperer usually,
with arms outstretched,
welcoming the power
and harnessing it within,

sometimes the tempest
turns on me
and brings to the surface
things long buried 

and distorts my ability
with the stinging rain
to see clearly
through such blinding pain;

it is then that I tend to
collapse in the mirage of the puddle,
sinking fathoms deep
into the dark aqua-underworld,

forgetting how to breathe,
forgetting I have limbs,
forgetting I would float
despite forgetting how to swim.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6bca85f5-1335-4e64-b1ba-cc3331a7184c.jpg
I sink in that puddle
to the bottomless grave,
Goddess of the Storms
reduced to sedimentary ache…

And then I hear your voice,
feel your hand, then embrace.
You have come to my aid
and to the surface, I am raised.

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Damn demonic puddle traps…
I should have watched better my steps…
Always looking up
careless again…

In your loving arms,
I get carried away.
You dry my soaked soul,
and together we pray.

You let me talk and cry it out
with such patience and understanding.
No one takes better care of me
in those times of such vulnerability.

I am me with you,
and you know all of me.
I unwrap your gift:
a snow globe of our dreams.

In front of our warm hearth,
I drift into the sweetest of sleep,
in the harbor of your arms,
the ripples of love lulling me,

and you stay on guard
to keep me safe,
but assure me all is well,
cradling me in your subtle strength.

I’ve never needed before,
have always taken on the world


I can get used to
being loved
by the only mate
for my soul.

Thank you, my love. ❤ 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

A Heart Out of Hibernation


Cryogenically-preserved heart
guarded with blades of ice,
lying low, preferring alone,
but the romantic dreams
so carefully preserved inside.

Not deliberately hiding
and you were not looking,
but the gods in mixing the seasons
led you to find me.


I was faded
in protective hibernation,
but your love 
warmed me like morning sun.

Your heart
brought mine
to life,
blew gently
to spark my inner fire;


the colors
that resided down deep
my desire
with you 

to be me.

img_6063Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Evening Petals

As the sun sets,
and sangria
kisses my lips,
I twirl
white petals
in my fingertips,

manipulating them
into the frame,
and with my dreams,
I do the same,

as if the halo
of the golden light
will bring my
heart’s desires
to life,

and for added measure,
or  perhaps because I
can’t help but linger,
I add a little bit of
mystic moonlight
as if the glow
from both
will last

he arrives.