Golden Frames

Golden transformationthose past painswith limited perspectivesseem to undergowhen God and time mix in blessings and distance.No phoenix transformation needed;from the fires before ashes,I retrieve the experiencesand in lieu of scar-brandsmanipulate the molten looking-glassand use the heat to my advantage,blowing a kiss of forgivenessto all of my previous misfortunes,all the ways things did not turn outthe … Continue reading Golden Frames

Ocean Timeless

Ocean, timeless. All stages and walks of life equally embraced, welcoming the soul to seek and find... No two secrets alike, but the sea harbors so many similar dreams, secret pleas whispered, its waves filled with such murmurs... Some search for shells, some for treasures, some look for those bottles with rolled up letter-answers, some … Continue reading Ocean Timeless

Silent Awakening

In the silence, blooms slowly awaken from deep sleep, each petal fading in to life, colored gradually by individual rays of soft, natural light. I wait in line. The peace already activating me inside, a hymnal hum with lost lyrics returning to mind. Here comes my light... I am ready. Old me, goodbye. Evolution of … Continue reading Silent Awakening


I used to foolishly attemptto trek around the stormsto avoid them,but the weather comesregardless... Eventually, I learnedsome you must simplyforge throughand get it over with... But then I rememberedthe times uponaluminum wingsI've flown,and how the stormsappear the ceilingonly to those below. It took a long while,but I finally grewwings of my ownand apply that lesson,simply soar abovemany of the dark … Continue reading Ascension