Tears and Tears (Triple Haiku)

fresh spring rain on greensalty drops clinging to cheeksall water cleanses tears and tears the sameheteronyms for the painone dries, one remains tears and tears post-stormone can let the light reach through one can bloom from love Poems and images ©LauraDenise More of my haiku and nature photography on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bylauradenise/

Always Have Been

When the voices inside,whether yours or theirs,start to rise up and disguise the lies as truths, look to the skyand see the rayof light shining downon false transparencies refracting all thebeautiful colorsthat make up you. Don't use artificiallooking glasses,for the perpetratorscan too easilyhide behind them,your doppelg√§nger included.  See your reflection insteadin the windows of the soulsof those … Continue reading Always Have Been

Too Soon To Title

You can find me among the wildflowersin the golden light;this is one of the few things I knowabout where my soul resides.  You'll carry the scars;they make you who you are, but rarely will they remindof the battles you thought you lostwhen you slipped through that presumed eternal holeinside. He lies.  That's all you need to knowfor … Continue reading Too Soon To Title

Out of Season

Determined to counter the moody cloudsothers have been attempting to cast onto me,I choose to seek out the sun, spring-infuse myself,dip my soul into the fresh-blooming green, breathe in the revitalizing April air,let the warming rays seep in through my pores,absorbed more in the whole of the reborn panorama thanfocused on the details imploring to … Continue reading Out of Season

As Me

"I do not ever want youto stop being you. Please,"you said to me, as you always do, but this time,finally,you got through after such patiencein teaching mehow to love myselfand never oncebeing anythingbut kind and understandingas I repeatedly fell  on my face,tripping overhow unnecessarily x      l     m     c     e     p      o I insist on … Continue reading As Me

Roots and Blooms

With a single sparkfrom my wild heart,I sneakily reseeda little yellow cheerand carry onmy solo way,planting thelittle flamesto light the wayback tolove. So if you seethe floral light,pass it onrandomly,be kindto a stranger,let's tryto stringsmiles,no matterhow fleeting,for the winter isreceding,and the birds singof forgiveness,of burying,of remembering, for in the decayof leaves,we can fertilizethe best partsof … Continue reading Roots and Blooms