Tears and Tears (Triple Haiku)

fresh spring rain on greensalty drops clinging to cheeksall water cleanses tears and tears the sameheteronyms for the painone dries, one remains tears and tears post-stormone can let the light reach through one can bloom from love Poems and images ©LauraDenise More of my haiku and nature photography on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bylauradenise/

Out of Season

Determined to counter the moody cloudsothers have been attempting to cast onto me,I choose to seek out the sun, spring-infuse myself,dip my soul into the fresh-blooming green, breathe in the revitalizing April air,let the warming rays seep in through my pores,absorbed more in the whole of the reborn panorama thanfocused on the details imploring to … Continue reading Out of Season

Petals Along the Path

Just another golden bloombeneath the golden rays,just another petal in the pathto my heart's hearthat the end of the day where you'll find me alwaysand just the same,as faithful as sun & moontaking turns tolight individual ways, but you know the direction homeby the scent of the dream,and you make your way off trail through the … Continue reading Petals Along the Path

The Green Returns

The green returnsas sure as the sun;the seasons keep spinning,web-weaved by the One. There must be a purposefor the phases of the heart,like the moon always wholebut only showing certain parts. Shadows and winter andstormy weather undesired,but without feeling the chill,what would be the motivationto light the fire?  What could wake, shake, andempower my soulif … Continue reading The Green Returns

Spring Trepidation

Nothing bloomswithout first being buried;seems I've spent most of my lifeunderground waiting,gripping the darkness,but denial is shapeshifting,roots repeatedly rejecteddespite the yearning. This time, maybe...the maybe the bravest part,for the doubt is the droughtwhen the clouds becomequenchingly dark. Perhaps only faithin love and the dreamcan fertilize the seed,and only continued beliefkeep the sprout growing.  I suppose … Continue reading Spring Trepidation

Deep in the Thicket

Deep in the thicket,the beacon seeks and finds,no seed nor budneglected nor lost;keep faith in the Light.  Deep in the thicket, when the first ray shines, no beauty can parallelthe humility and grace,that relieved reachfor renewed life. You will be found,for you were never lost.God has always been theretenderly removing thornsand lovingly healing the loss.  When that … Continue reading Deep in the Thicket

Waiting for Spring

I found you and meupon the branch of a tree,two buds of greentoo long dormant,now opening for the first time,side by side,having found each otherand now able to fullycome to life, previously waiting,spring procrastinating,delaying,knowing "the one"was coming; I waited for you,you waited for me,waited so longfor His timingto bring us togetherto help one anotherbecome what … Continue reading Waiting for Spring