Under the Willow

Under the willow, where the magic breathes, under the willow beneath the draping leaves, Under the willow is where we'll meet, under the willow on a summer evening, Under the willow, to unite our dreams, under the willow, only joyful weeping, Under the willow, barefoot and free, under the willow, fireflies released, Under the willow, … Continue reading Under the Willow

Colliding Light

https://youtu.be/QoEpipVAZUc This song came up on my playlist as I was beginning my yard work after my first day back to my classroom when this small wildflower caught my eye. When you are a poet-photographer-believer-passionate teacher, such a thing can become life changing, lol. I was so moved by the way the sinking sun¬†was highlighting … Continue reading Colliding Light