Wishes and Prayers

When I pray, I always add the addendum,"...if it is in accordance with Your plan,"for more than what I plea for,superseded, I wish for us to remainalways in His hands. I trust whatever may happen,although I may not understand,will come with a needed lesson,a necessary occurrence in the processof the destiny in becoming once again  who … Continue reading Wishes and Prayers


Illusion of control, I never really drove, not on a road tripof my own;I roderound and round, hair in the breeze,holding on to the maneof carousel dreams, never free. Now I am.But the invisible reinsof pleasing so longkeeps me stalledin the corral;my voice on auto-pilotagreeing with everyone else. A passenger yet.I sit quietly still looking outthe windows.But in the rearview mirrors,I frame … Continue reading Rider

Bubble Dreams

Dangerous to dream, I know. Foolish to fly in a bubble! Either could burstwithout notice, drop you fast in a plummet to the hard reality surface.  But what if... the trajectory was directedby angels' breaths and the bubble made impenetrable,  a shield only able to beforged from the past,and you were gently loweredprecisely as intendedby the benevolenceof your higher powerassisting you … Continue reading Bubble Dreams

Wild Bound (With Audio)

Natural materialbut man-constructedwalls me in instead of fences, I breathe bestin more open spaces.Wildflower ascends, climbs up the border –two-by-fours frameher bold yet soft colors,star-shaped for a reason,skyward bound, rootedin treason, restrainedby seasons –toward freedom, back to the wildshunning the restrictionsthey keep trying to placeupon her style. I will follow, eventually, perhaps at the endof … Continue reading Wild Bound (With Audio)

Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

If I offered you my hand, would you walk with me, leisurely toward dreamssunsetting upon the sea? If I shared what's in my shell, let you hear the whispers, would you heart-preserve themamong your dearest treasures? If I stopped and turnedand looked into your eyes, would I find therewhat I've been searching forall of my life? If I were brave … Continue reading Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Hope is a red balloon. To dream is to release,To let the heart again believe:Benediction granted wings. Hope is a red balloon. To fear is to release. Self-shackling to the ribbon neededFor freedom to be achieved. Hope is a red balloon.But with passenger and knapsack attached,It becomes the passagewayBetween spirit-death and life hatched.  Hope is a red balloonThat … Continue reading Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Pursuit of the Bloom

Thinning tightrope, teetering plank:I've walked them both.I've fallen.I've sank.Tentacles brushing,shadows lurking,up the stalk, through the Valley of Thorns,relentlessly clambering. Holes in the boardsopening and closing,disguised as light, trap doorsback to startheartlessly sending.The invisible bridge always glistening against Defeat's whispersin the first rays each morning,fleeting, only sustainable by faithand a resolute spirit's strength.Maybe todaywill be the day...A thought repeatedover decades...  Finally achievedand coming … Continue reading Pursuit of the Bloom

Twirling Petals

Between my fingers, I slowly twirlthe way I've done before,white petals like the pinwheelthat may in turn propel my heartand set in motion in the universethe dreams I've protectively harbored, but now I realize, those dreams have beenall granted by the stars,so the only thing that fadesin the mist of heaven's cloudsis my grip on hopefor … Continue reading Twirling Petals