Curses and Blessings

Deep in the thicket,
the strangers met, 
each escaping
abusive relationships,
seeking the alleged
encampment to rest.
They talked, they comforted, 
they began to open up.
Feelings were born
or stirred to remembrance.
Something magical 
organically flourished. 
But the curse of each 
found them and convened
and grew a thorny wall between,
but pure love and innocence 
in the end will summon 
The Supreme,
and upon wings, 
the Blessing came,
and the last of the Obstacles
fell forever away. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Dust and Glue

I wish I knew 
true love
of friendship 
early on.
I wish it didn’t exist
as missing
photos in 
the album,
having been
from the glue
after each exposure 
of being 
or that one
that left me
to this day
My album
became less 
and less
lighter became
the feeling
I knew, 
chambers of the heart
renovated rooms,
but I held fast
to faith,
and God inside
filled each 
vacant space.
I kept 
the others
at arm’s length,
guard up,
bowed face,
casually brushing 
though introversion
was also at
having created
my very sacred 
but in these weeks 
when weak
became my shame,
and I had to
search extra hard
to find
the blessing
it was friends
who came to save
the day,
who found
and mended
and returned
my cape,
who lifted me back
with hugs
to strength. 
Okay, Lord. 
In this broken state,
I give you 
Full is the feeling 
when the heart
dam break,
when love
fills in 
in all of its 
sizes and shapes,
and the dust dances
off those old
blank pages. 

Today, I Choose

Today, I choose
to mute the gray,
encroaching ghosts,
and the negativity
of others attempting
to block the rays.

I turn up the colors,
the cardinal’s song,
my own showtune voice
singing along,

the sky blue,
the verdant greens,
the leaves infused with
late summer’s breeze…

Today, I choose
to mute the grays,
to focus only on
the beauty gifted
in this day.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise


Each moment
I gently hold
so tenderly,
each for a separate
still-life eternity,
seal in a crystal
tear of joy,
baubles of my heart
hung in the field,
suncatchers upon
the Tree of Life,
and I kneel and feel
the kiss on my bowed head
from the Light,
and my Father whispers, 
“It is what I have always wanted
for you, my sweet child.”
I rise and return
to the heaven
of your love,
and just for today, 
for us,
time slows down…

Everyday Gold

Golden upon golden, 
liquid light layers, 
how much more obvious 
can it be that there is a
heaven and
already among us?

Upon the dark and blank
with tender and loving
He stroked us
into existence
and all
that surrounds us,

has never left us,
and reminders 
each day, 
He has rise
from the earth
and others’
divine parts,
in likeness made,
which we should
reverently celebrate 
and feel blessed by
every day.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Drawing Water

Keep drawing water
from that creative well, he said, 
so I went out back
and rubbed the penny in my hand, 
but realized, no wish I needed, 
for He has finally sent showers
to quench the drought
that may have been necessary,
for if I never formed the parched lips
drowning in the dry well,
how could I fully, to this extent, feel
the gratitude I do now,
for rejoicing in the rainfall 
as it overfills me inside
are the waters I carry always
and the excess comes out
in light. 

I still toss the penny in:
a wish I make for a friend… 

For John 🙂 Thanks for the morning inspiration! 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Every Heart

Every heart goes through seasons;
every soul sometimes dims.
Spring isn’t meant to be eternal;
shadows may need to become friends.


Pain cannot be avoided,
but heartache need not break us;
When the last leaf falls,
it’s the tree’s self-preservation.


Winter brings delicate beauty
to those possessing appreciation.
Some blessings bloom brightly;
others require effortful observation.


Fragile flowers sometimes get pelted
by heavy winds and torrential downpours;
sometimes a petal falls, is lost,
but the stalk outlasts the storms.


My heart too 
like yours
encounters these same seasons;
we need not expend the emotional energy 
keeping up such false appearances.


Nature threads and laces,
weaves together and connects,
my heart with yours and his and hers
on this together shared planet.



The divinity of creation
surrounds our grounded souls,
beckoning us to be open to receiving
the healing powers it bestows. 


I took my battered heart
to the altar of the sun
and laid it before my Lord
to mend once more what had come undone.


He repaired it whole
and adorned it with even more,
kissed my bowed head
and sent blessings nonstop forth.


Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Ice and Fire

Ice crystals upon Florida blades,
clouds engulfed in raging flames,
Jack Frost and Robert
fill my brain…

but neither fire
nor ice do I perceive
in any way
save benevolently,

a campfire in the sky
that enraptures delightfully;
I watch it just the same,
hypnotized by nature’s shapeshifting.

The rareness of this kiss of frost
in the South brings out my glee and awe;
a magical season missed and dear,
Jack gifts me with to make his love clear.

It’s icing on my December cake,
not my birthday but soon his miracle day.
God’s blessings keep continuously upon us rain,
and the coldness warms my soul with shared dreams passionately


Poem and images ©LauraDenise