Out of Season

Determined to counter the moody cloudsothers have been attempting to cast onto me,I choose to seek out the sun, spring-infuse myself,dip my soul into the fresh-blooming green, breathe in the revitalizing April air,let the warming rays seep in through my pores,absorbed more in the whole of the reborn panorama thanfocused on the details imploring to … Continue reading Out of Season

Ladies in White

Pinks, reds, yellows, purples...take me to where the ivory unfurls petals reminiscent of celestial wings,angel-whispers of the purest things, stories of strength derived from faith,and tales of troubles confronted with grace. Bold colors burst forth in the celebration of spring,but I find myself frozen, soul keenly listening to the ladies in white, swaying silently;they draw … Continue reading Ladies in White

Roots and Blooms

With a single sparkfrom my wild heart,I sneakily reseeda little yellow cheerand carry onmy solo way,planting thelittle flamesto light the wayback tolove. So if you seethe floral light,pass it onrandomly,be kindto a stranger,let's tryto stringsmiles,no matterhow fleeting,for the winter isreceding,and the birds singof forgiveness,of burying,of remembering, for in the decayof leaves,we can fertilizethe best partsof … Continue reading Roots and Blooms

Befriending Bumblebees

Befriending bumblebees,watching cloud-shapes come to life,making majestic the flowering weeds,the peace around me seeps in when I am outside. (See the bumblebee?) Time may tick, but no manmade clockinterrupts Laura's la-la land thoughts.I am one of them, the nature alive in the yard,no language needed when you are birthed from the stars,though I do whistle … Continue reading Befriending Bumblebees

My Buoyancy

When a million mixed feelings rise up in medespite the dam I've so meticulously built,and the tears threaten to overtake, in the emotional disturbance, overspill, and I get so frustratedfor not being able to keep it down,and I get exhausted from the not understandingof these things too buried within myself,  and upon my pillow, I offer up … Continue reading My Buoyancy

Chosen by Swans

Humble, majestic beautyfills me with tranquility,silence save the ripplesthat reach inside of meand soothe my soul so tenderlyas I contemplate for once nothing,transported to a place so serenethat exists in a dimension unseen.Transfixed on the bowed fowl heads dipping, I bow too and enter with gratitude respectfully and float weightless in the pond of this … Continue reading Chosen by Swans

The Thread

silken single threadnature’s web of life weavingthe dawns and seasons Peace still exists:it is in the stillness,in the first soft light ofdawn's shadow-displacement, when the heavens descendand dust creationwith a coat of goldequally in every nation, each new day, a giftuntainted,like fresh snow'spure, printless blanket. Peace is imperviousto extinction;its persistent existence benignantin perpetuum flourishing. Peace … Continue reading The Thread