Above the clouds,looking down,I see the beaconunable to be buriedbeneath the wavesat the "bottom" of the abyssal sea:it shines for me, lighted gemof hopeat the heartof the ocean's soul, Mother of the lightthat has long beenimplanted in me.I recline on the sky-drops,and the automatic echofrom my chest begins to flickerits internal glow. Poem and images … Continue reading Inextinguishable

Sending This Ray

Thinking of you, old friend,and sending this rayto reach you and remind youyou are valued today.Thank you for all the waysyou inspired me to take up my pen;I haven't let it rest since thenand never will again. It's not right for the shadowsto ever find you so Ichase them sometimesbecause you forevermore deservepeace of mind,and … Continue reading Sending This Ray

Colliding Light This song came up on my playlist as I was beginning my yard work after my first day back to my classroom when this small wildflower caught my eye. When you are a poet-photographer-believer-passionate teacher, such a thing can become life changing, lol. I was so moved by the way the sinking sun was highlighting … Continue reading Colliding Light

Silent Awakening

In the silence, blooms slowly awaken from deep sleep, each petal fading in to life, colored gradually by individual rays of soft, natural light. I wait in line. The peace already activating me inside, a hymnal hum with lost lyrics returning to mind. Here comes my light... I am ready. Old me, goodbye. Evolution of … Continue reading Silent Awakening

In Darkness and Doubt

This one’s for a friend. For my son. For my student. For you. For me. We all stumble. Sometimes merely a trip, sometimes down a seemingly endless, dark abyss. We all get lost. Sometimes we find our way, sometimes indefinitely in the same spot, we remain. We all face obstacles. Sometimes they lift, sometimes they … Continue reading In Darkness and Doubt