Tears and Tears (Triple Haiku)

fresh spring rain on greensalty drops clinging to cheeksall water cleanses tears and tears the sameheteronyms for the painone dries, one remains tears and tears post-stormone can let the light reach through one can bloom from love Poems and images ©LauraDenise More of my haiku and nature photography on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bylauradenise/

Always Surmountable

©LauraDenise We are never trapped,just fated to faulty perspective, succumb to specious perception;it's all relevant, related – one more rock-move awayfrom the light on the other sideof the avalanche, one more "wrong" turnlost in the forestbefore hearing the anabranch... much is necessarily experienced:near suffocation sometimes the only way to motivate a life-saving change, the legs of the … Continue reading Always Surmountable

When the Lamp Goes Out

Natural and manmadesilently juxtaposed,constructed polesoff the mark,crooked, leaning, despite attempted anchoring, branches gravitating in the right direction, toward the Lightof the World,  rooted in belief,faith running deep,grasping earth,dirt, free of concrete, sand and soil offeringssupporting verticalinner growthto break ground,breathe air,sprout, bloom, reach,embraced,loving whisperssaying you arebeautiful. When the artificial lightgoes out, I am able to clearlysee.  Obstructed view,no view, no proof:nothing needed. Even afterthe sun … Continue reading When the Lamp Goes Out

Too Soon To Title

You can find me among the wildflowersin the golden light;this is one of the few things I knowabout where my soul resides.  You'll carry the scars;they make you who you are, but rarely will they remindof the battles you thought you lostwhen you slipped through that presumed eternal holeinside. He lies.  That's all you need to knowfor … Continue reading Too Soon To Title

Ladies in White

Pinks, reds, yellows, purples...take me to where the ivory unfurls petals reminiscent of celestial wings,angel-whispers of the purest things, stories of strength derived from faith,and tales of troubles confronted with grace. Bold colors burst forth in the celebration of spring,but I find myself frozen, soul keenly listening to the ladies in white, swaying silently;they draw … Continue reading Ladies in White

Roots and Blooms

With a single sparkfrom my wild heart,I sneakily reseeda little yellow cheerand carry onmy solo way,planting thelittle flamesto light the wayback tolove. So if you seethe floral light,pass it onrandomly,be kindto a stranger,let's tryto stringsmiles,no matterhow fleeting,for the winter isreceding,and the birds singof forgiveness,of burying,of remembering, for in the decayof leaves,we can fertilizethe best partsof … Continue reading Roots and Blooms


Above the clouds,looking down,I see the beaconunable to be buriedbeneath the wavesat the "bottom" of the abyssal sea:it shines for me, lighted gemof hopeat the heartof the ocean's soul, Mother of the lightthat has long beenimplanted in me.I recline on the sky-drops,and the automatic echofrom my chest begins to flickerits internal glow. Poem and images … Continue reading Inextinguishable