Rainy-Day Dreams

Waterdrops drip from the gray, but they do not dilute my colors; boldly, they remain.   My dreams are not made of sidewalk chalk in danger of the rain; they cannot be washed away.   They are more like the wildflower, beautiful bloom with roots that the earth selflessly lends a hand to, so the … Continue reading Rainy-Day Dreams

Light and Vine

  Lost for a long while in the endless half-acre, drawn into details, searching for treasures,   glorifying the fungus and weeds, macro honing in on their natural beauty,   the stillness that surrounds, the stillness in me, magnifies my senses supernaturally,   the rustle of a leaf, the distant wind chimes, soft birdsong melody, … Continue reading Light and Vine

The Skies and I

The skies are a constant yet ever-changing, stably existing but always swirling, shapeshifting, with new colors, ever experimenting, a testament of intentional creation awe-producing, designed to let the dark pass through rumbling, the water to pour out, quenching and replenishing, snow to fall as virgin canvas offering, wordless language in subtle and profound images revealing. … Continue reading The Skies and I