Fire in Our Hearts

Fire in the sky millions of miles away; we safely observe the colorful, light-scattering display each day, gathering in peace- ful assembly, all reveling in the undeniable greatness of the planet we are sharing, if but only temporarily before we snap back to the unnatural reality, manmade distorted discordance fueled among a clashing society. If … Continue reading Fire in Our Hearts

Present Turning

footprints in the sand headed to the sunset, the present turning to memories with each leisurely step   time stands still yet it doesn’t, simultaneously moving while holding forever the moment   no turning back as history proceeds, no undoing impressions once the pressure is released   and the shape is ingrained indelibly   though … Continue reading Present Turning

The Sea Seeps into Me

White sand, like freshly fallen snow but silky and warm between my toes, with the tracks of footprints of those with wings and treasure-like, mermaid-like, secret offerings crossing paths, the prints, the seabirds on the shore in the panoply of colors of the setting sun and with them, my imagination soars. I am filled with … Continue reading The Sea Seeps into Me