The Gardening

I saw a miracle,or how a miraclewould be explainedby scientistsignorantly: I saw a wishbecome a dream,then beliefbirth it intoreality, deep feelingsigniting all synapses in a total firing, a supernovaof the heart,a soular sunburstwith only doubtdying, for when the purestof whispersget heard by benevolent Night,legend has itthe stardust fallsto earth as seedsfrom the sky, and in the lastof the … Continue reading The Gardening

Sunsets in Mirrors

Sunsets in rearview mirrorswe notice then drive off into the future;the golden moment morphs orangeand is extinguished as we turn. The past is over our shouldersthe instant we cross it;no two sunsets the same, thoughthe next we take for granted. While I still can, I u-turn and loop again,exerting control over this momentso my daughter … Continue reading Sunsets in Mirrors

Petals Along the Path

Just another golden bloombeneath the golden rays,just another petal in the pathto my heart's hearthat the end of the day where you'll find me alwaysand just the same,as faithful as sun & moontaking turns tolight individual ways, but you know the direction homeby the scent of the dream,and you make your way off trail through the … Continue reading Petals Along the Path

Give Me Cloudy Days

Give me cloudy days!Fill the skieswith grandiose displays,billows of magnificence,those ever-shifting shapes! No sunrise will I misswhen those clouds get their first kissand set off on their journeyblushing with pink bliss. Let the clouds continue to bloomwhen the skies default to blue;all day long, let them comeand show off what they can do. I'll still … Continue reading Give Me Cloudy Days

Golden Frames

Golden transformationthose past painswith limited perspectivesseem to undergowhen God and time mix in blessings and distance.No phoenix transformation needed;from the fires before ashes,I retrieve the experiencesand in lieu of scar-brandsmanipulate the molten looking-glassand use the heat to my advantage,blowing a kiss of forgivenessto all of my previous misfortunes,all the ways things did not turn outthe … Continue reading Golden Frames

Fire in Our Hearts

Fire in the sky millions of miles away; we safely observe the colorful, light-scattering display each day, gathering in peace- ful assembly, all reveling in the undeniable greatness of the planet we are sharing, if but only temporarily before we snap back to the unnatural reality, manmade distorted discordance fueled among a clashing society. If … Continue reading Fire in Our Hearts