Sunflowers in the Sand

Sunflowers in the sand baffle my preconceived notions, such a traditional earthy flower sprouting alongside the ocean.   It draws me in, such an unexpected sight, yellow-bursting heads, mini-suns against the muted, so bold and bright.   So many thoughts beyond the beauty begin to orbit in my mind.   I am reminded of childhood, … Continue reading Sunflowers in the Sand

Name your favorites on WordPress!

Recommend some WordPress writers and photographers for me to check out! Who are among your favorites and why? Share their links! I’d like to find more great content and connections. My passions are #nature #poetry #photography #romance and #faith!  SOME of my favorites (in no particular order): The Blighter's Rock Few say so much in … Continue reading Name your favorites on WordPress!

Take Me to the Wildflowers

Take me to a field of wildflowers, and after I tire from frolicking, brush me into the landscape painting, silent, tranquil, pensive profile of a beautiful-souled lady. Capture my white flowing dress and the breeze dancing with my wild tresses. Let the blooms be white and endless as the sun makes its gentle appearance. Upon … Continue reading Take Me to the Wildflowers

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise! Leave all that you carry and weightlessly sink your toes and soul into the warm, sandy silk, let the palm leaves sway you into dreams where whatever you please, you receive, without any guilt. Upon the tide, set your secrets afloat; no need for a glass-bottle bottomless boat, for your messages will … Continue reading Welcome to Paradise


I used to foolishly attemptto trek around the stormsto avoid them,but the weather comesregardless... Eventually, I learnedsome you must simplyforge throughand get it over with... But then I rememberedthe times uponaluminum wingsI've flown,and how the stormsappear the ceilingonly to those below. It took a long while,but I finally grewwings of my ownand apply that lesson,simply soar abovemany of the dark … Continue reading Ascension

Floral SeaStar

The whiteturns sheer,seems to dissolve,revealingthe seastar within;it glows in my palm,recognizing the lifelinesas the oneit has been searching forto deliver the messagespirit to spirit,a mutual connection,a wish upon a starlong ago returnedwith the reassurancethat those whisperswere clearly heard,another signthat I am on the right pathand getting closerto where you are.In the center of the starappears … Continue reading Floral SeaStar

Signs in the Shells

Audio (Click here.)   My head is bowed, my concentration in and out of intenseness on this leisure seashell hunt, looking along the shore for treasures no longer sunk. Nothing occupies my mind, for once, except for the task at hand, approaching each disruption to the smoothness of the tide-wiped sand, natural remnants scattered seemingly … Continue reading Signs in the Shells