Drops of Fuchsia

A sojourn among the wildflowersis what my soul needsin regular doses,down low among the "weeds"where time does not stand still,but the world does,for nothing exists in the momentexcept for us, and no greater beauty can there bethan in the nonmanhandled,outside-the-garden-lines seedthat blooms so gracefully,silently defying, yet exuding pure peace;that peacetransfers into my essenceas I listen with my soulto the … Continue reading Drops of Fuchsia

Little Tree On The Mountaintop

Little tree on the mountaintopbeneath sun's celestial reach,planted purposely at the very peakor actively advancing toward dreamsfrom a seed,more mighty to methan the mountain itselfand all of the tallest treesbeneathlooking up. Little tree on the mountaintopBiblically reminiscent,perhaps a Jesus storynever told,or the Lord'sseemingly futile reachto have us remember this precious given life'sgoals. Who is changed upon the descent … Continue reading Little Tree On The Mountaintop

I Look for the Broken

I look for the “broken,” the torn, the cracked, the light-and-shadow’s silent dance, the intimate, the unvoiced stories, for in these lie no greater beauty nor still me with more reverie. Parallels and metaphors, all nature reminds and shares with us what we are here for. Leaf veins and light extend into me and connect … Continue reading I Look for the Broken

Soft Impressions

Let me walkwith you awhile, whether or not youlend me your shoesfor a mile.In fact, let's bothtake them offand leave them hereas we surf the shore,finding naturallythe treasureswithin us each,bare feeton commonshifting groundsequally.One set of footprintsin the sandthey say is whenwe are carried by Him,but in the interimlet me be the secondimpressions alongside yours,for in this … Continue reading Soft Impressions

Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

If I offered you my hand, would you walk with me, leisurely toward dreamssunsetting upon the sea? If I shared what's in my shell, let you hear the whispers, would you heart-preserve themamong your dearest treasures? If I stopped and turnedand looked into your eyes, would I find therewhat I've been searching forall of my life? If I were brave … Continue reading Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

Overlapping Storms

Choking on saltwater wavesthat relentlessly batter,you smile and assure meyou don't need the preserver.  You insist I take it,even though we both knowI am the better swimmer.  I pass it back. I can treadthese waterslonger.  We will alternate. Save your strength. You can give meintermittent breaks.  This is mydomain. Titan hears youpleadingmy name.  Mermaid fins are reinstated.I transfer themto you … Continue reading Overlapping Storms

Remembering Colors

Inner chamber protected, guarded. Scarred. Misused and abusedbefore. Colors over decadesfade. Doors and windowsboarded.  The softness of youlike dawn. Patience watercolorsshared canvas in pastels.Gradually, I reach to try some,apply upon my soft shell. Day by day, ébaucheto a never-final coat.Overflowing well withinnow self-saturates. Self-love's ductsunclogged.A Master peace of love:brought together, soulmates.  Poem and images ©LauraDenise