Light in the Clouds

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say, and that light framing the shadows fills me with hope,   but it's the golden emerging, its illumination reflected from the gates of heaven, that hushes my soul.   The silver, it seems, dries my tears, and the golden produces them,   for one eases my fears, … Continue reading Light in the Clouds

I Will Never Tire

I will never tire of morning birdsong, the daily rising of the sun, the ways the rays  beam between trees, the clouds that form in such artistry, the freedom flaunted in wildflowers, all the colors of twilight hours, the breezes that rouse my desires, the stars that kindle my dreams afire, for as long as … Continue reading I Will Never Tire

The Skies and I

The skies are a constant yet ever-changing, stably existing but always swirling, shapeshifting, with new colors, ever experimenting, a testament of intentional creation awe-producing, designed to let the dark pass through rumbling, the water to pour out, quenching and replenishing, snow to fall as virgin canvas offering, wordless language in subtle and profound images revealing. … Continue reading The Skies and I