I began regularly writing in January of 2018 at the age of 44, though I had always intended to start. This rebirth began with daily poetry as I navigated some difficult personal battles. I began practicing my amateur photography hobby years ago. I enjoyed writing, in general, from an early age and eventually became a high school English teacher. Somehow, along the way, though, I neglected some of my passions, talents, and dreams. Luckily, I dug them up and dusted them off with plenty of time (hopefully) to spare.

I did a lot of experimenting and searching while finding my way, both as a person and as a writer, during this time. I wrote under different pen names and blogs, never staying put for too long. I acquired followers but had no idea where I was headed.

I’m happy to have begun to finally find a comfortable place–in my skin, in my life, and in my writing. This is a new, and hopefully permanent, blog/website. These posts are no longer written just for you, nor just for me. They are written because I am a writer, and if but one person finds beauty, pleasure, hope, or strength in my words (or images), then I have not only used my talents, but used them to make a difference in that reader, in this world.

I was born to teach, to love, and to write. These are my truths. The rest, if there is more than that, I am still figuring out and probably will continue to figure out for the rest of my days in this particular life. I believe in a higher power and a much greater plan and in understanding that plan when we are meant to.

I look forward to making new connections and deepening others, both as a writer and reader and fellow believer that love truly is the answer.

I’m so glad you’re here and am looking forward to stopping by your place soon!

Happy writing! Happy reading!

❤ Laura


All words and images on this site are my own unless otherwise indicated. ©LauraDenise

28 thoughts on “Me

  1. Loved reading about you, some of it sounded so familiar 🙂 I just turned 67, and there’s always more to learn and refine. I started blogging in 2011, and like you mentioned, had a habit of stopping and starting over–so I, too, hope to stay put in my new blog. I love that you became an English teacher–hooray!!! My high school English teacher, Mr Page (his true name!), made the difference in my life when he said I had natural talent. It was like he put a candle in my hand and heart–a flame that will not go out until God calls me Home. Blessings to you ❤

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    1. Getting to be a daily part of young adults’ lives is a blessing, and a teacher definitely a part of who I was born to be. I’ll always be finding other clues on the way Home. Delighted to connect with you! 💕


    1. Thanks, Dorothy, but we’ve already met. 🙂 I had past blogs under different pen names (i.e., Elle Denise). I’m here to stay put for a while now, though, and am happy to reconnect! ❤


  2. Laura, so happy to meet a fellow educator. Loved your “me” post and look forward to reading more. My book was published some six years ago. I have been blogging weekly since that time and am retired happily now some five years. Come visit my site!


  3. Hi Laura! It’s been interesting to read about you and your journey. So many similarities! Incredibly, my middle name is Denise, and I used to be an English teacher. The ocean is my go-to place, and I’ve been through some similar issues. You use the same font as mine. Kindred spirits? Thanks for sharing your stories and checking out my blog. I hope you find some encouragement there. I pray God’s best and blessings over you!

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  4. Thanks for all of the nice comments on my photos today. I’m a little older than you (70) but found my passion in photography about 12 years ago although I always had a “hidden” passion. Working in healthcare for over 40 years and raising a family took priority. You have some beautiful words and photos. Don’t give up because you have a talent!!

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