Fleeing Land

They even closed the beach during the supposed pandemic. And with all that has been going on in the world weighing so heavily upon my sensitive heart, those initial barefoot steps upon the boardwalk bridge began immediately changing me inside once again, and I needed it, once again. The bridge between the world and the … Continue reading Fleeing Land

Feathers & Wishies

The thing about hope-feathers and wishies is that they depend on the breeze for launching. On this still day, sorrow wants to hang so heavily, but perhaps instead, I'll lend a soft breath just to keep these someday dreams from dying completely. All words and images on this site ©LauraDenise

This Is

Sunrise kisses brushed upon eyelids, Quenching drops nourishing, renewing, the spirit, Velvet petals caressing the flesh, erasing false perfections, inner seeds in ecstasy sacrificially spilling, Breezes always joyfully willing to carefully carry the heart's deepest wishes, Lonely floating feathered silhouettes receiving comforting sunset ripples, Faithful mutually blooming companion, a bud always returning, Upon a pure … Continue reading This Is