Spring Trepidation

Nothing bloomswithout first being buried;seems I've spent most of my lifeunderground waiting,gripping the darkness,but denial is shapeshifting,roots repeatedly rejecteddespite the yearning. This time, maybe...the maybe the bravest part,for the doubt is the droughtwhen the clouds becomequenchingly dark. Perhaps only faithin love and the dreamcan fertilize the seed,and only continued beliefkeep the sprout growing.  I suppose … Continue reading Spring Trepidation

Infused With You

Daydreams rise up and become infusedinto the golden clouds on their way tothat place unseen but guaranteedto exist just for the ones who fully believe in all the things conceivedfrom purity, beauty, and truth,each sunset, kissed and renewed.I release my heart again for you.When it arrives,you will hold it again so tenderly tight,and when you fall … Continue reading Infused With You

A Heart Out of Hibernation

Cryogenically-preserved heart guarded with blades of ice, lying low, preferring alone, but the romantic dreams so carefully preserved inside. Not deliberately hiding and you were not looking, but the gods in mixing the seasons led you to find me. I was faded in protective hibernation, but your love  warmed me like morning sun. Your heart … Continue reading A Heart Out of Hibernation

Mystery to Me

Heart-sensors extra sensitive, picking up mixed signals of every human emotion, eyes brim with unidentified sadness but do not spill over, for tears that mix simultaneously with happiness get recalled to the cauldron to start over in the feelings-concoction, stirred not by hand but all that I am, have been through, have yet to see, … Continue reading Mystery to Me

Ocean Timeless

Ocean, timeless. All stages and walks of life equally embraced, welcoming the soul to seek and find... No two secrets alike, but the sea harbors so many similar dreams, secret pleas whispered, its waves filled with such murmurs... Some search for shells, some for treasures, some look for those bottles with rolled up letter-answers, some … Continue reading Ocean Timeless