Where They Go

Summer break gone in a blink;where do the days gowhen I'm the least busyand, pandemic or not,rarely leave my homeeven to visit the sea? How many hours passcrouched and stretchedin the unmanicured rental yard, despised by neighbor,though I upkeep what leasedand am secretly thankful for my wild.  Old iPhone so past its primeone of my obsessionsonly for … Continue reading Where They Go

Maiden in White

She seemed to floatin flowing gown of whitethrough the gardensin the misty morning light. With gentle hands,her fingers brushed,skimmed over the blossomswith celestial touch; the blooms self-muted their huesas if infused with her purityuntil all the world resembled heaven for a moment but affordinga glimpse of eternity, and as she departed,long, fair hair slow-dancinginto the horizon,the … Continue reading Maiden in White

Remembering Colors

Inner chamber protected, guarded. Scarred. Misused and abusedbefore. Colors over decadesfade. Doors and windowsboarded.  The softness of youlike dawn. Patience watercolorsshared canvas in pastels.Gradually, I reach to try some,apply upon my soft shell. Day by day, ébaucheto a never-final coat.Overflowing well withinnow self-saturates. Self-love's ductsunclogged.A Master peace of love:brought together, soulmates.  Poem and images ©LauraDenise

A Fallen Blossom At Dawn

Another fallen blossom...like the ones beforein years passedI photographedand told stories for. Each of these moves mein such profound ways;what's underfoot,what others pass,stops me in my trackswith the silent beautyso profoundly displayed. For a lifetime, I feelI could sit and contemplate,reflect on all the lessonsand secrets it portrays... This is how I knowI'm different, for off … Continue reading A Fallen Blossom At Dawn

Resilient Hearts

I am NOT a gardener.Though a gardener I've never tried to be...Every natural wonder I've ever encounteredhas been there before me, remnants from previous tenants' tastesand sculptures wild and freelovingly planted in my pathby the Creator Almightyand meant at the time of discoveryto be the personal messages needed.  And so it is with my hibiscus pinks, cut … Continue reading Resilient Hearts

Cobwebs Between Petals

Ninety-three million miles away,yet upon the cobwebs of a flower,Sol's ray reaches, haloes, frames. How powerfulthat gentle, golden beam iswhen it finds and reminds us ourinsignificanceis more important and personalthan we think it to be,for the Creator made surethe cold and darkness would always havereturning light and heat. We are turned away each evening,in a rotation beyond … Continue reading Cobwebs Between Petals

Tears and Tears (Triple Haiku)

fresh spring rain on greensalty drops clinging to cheeksall water cleanses tears and tears the sameheteronyms for the painone dries, one remains tears and tears post-stormone can let the light reach through one can bloom from love Poems and images ©LauraDenise More of my haiku and nature photography on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bylauradenise/

Floral Orbit

It's hard to decipherwhich is me, which is you, when we alternatepositions, both alwaysas one and the gentlestof blooms.Sometimes it is the shadowsthat give the needed solace;in tender loving form, one protectively umbrellasan ecliptic respite.We are the same:each crease in the petala similar quondam-but-unable-to-be-forgottenstory, memory,that will not becomeus, for our souls' DNAseeps fromhearts of goldand velvet touches,for all purityis … Continue reading Floral Orbit