Light and Vine

  Lost for a long while in the endless half-acre, drawn into details, searching for treasures,   glorifying the fungus and weeds, macro honing in on their natural beauty,   the stillness that surrounds, the stillness in me, magnifies my senses supernaturally,   the rustle of a leaf, the distant wind chimes, soft birdsong melody, … Continue reading Light and Vine

The Root

  The root of it all, the root that grew for so long beneath, was much larger, more complex, than I expected it to be,   for noiseless it was deep within, a tumor of the psyche for so long, so slowly expanding,   the vines that sprouted clung on with vicious might, penetrating the … Continue reading The Root

This Is

Sunrise kisses brushed upon eyelids, Quenching drops nourishing, renewing, the spirit, Velvet petals caressing the flesh, erasing false perfections, inner seeds in ecstasy sacrificially spilling, Breezes always joyfully willing to carefully carry the heart's deepest wishes, Lonely floating feathered silhouettes receiving comforting sunset ripples, Faithful mutually blooming companion, a bud always returning, Upon a pure … Continue reading This Is