The Little Things

Something there is in a soul's compositionthat personalizes lightfrom the connecting threads;in the weave of mine,part my art and part divine,seems to be for the grandiosesome kind of rare blindnessin the mainstream sense,for I only find it in the minute and steeped inmindfulness,the larger picturealways blurred and muted,unacceptably-by-societydismissing sweeping views;upon deaf eyes, the waterfalls,for my soul only … Continue reading The Little Things


Destination to nowhere,traversing on foot,no longer running away,just enjoying the non-route and what bloomsfrom roots wildly seededand the texturesof the seasonand infinite skiesever shape-shiftinglike my thoughtsand the way I get lostfar away in them.Dusk hushes.Frogs belt out.Alert for bearsand human predators, I turn toward homeand the portal of colorgradually closes.My feet return to pavement,having being loweredback to … Continue reading Destinationless

Cobwebs Between Petals

Ninety-three million miles away,yet upon the cobwebs of a flower,Sol's ray reaches, haloes, frames. How powerfulthat gentle, golden beam iswhen it finds and reminds us ourinsignificanceis more important and personalthan we think it to be,for the Creator made surethe cold and darkness would always havereturning light and heat. We are turned away each evening,in a rotation beyond … Continue reading Cobwebs Between Petals


Without a doubt, one of my favoriteparts of life isclouds. The soft pastelsat dawn lift me upand take me home;sunset-backdropped,at day's end,I am delivered again,haloed in gold.  Nature-ensconced, nature-infused, nature my lifeline,nature my truth-school. I befriend every creature and petal,explore every infinitesimal detail,lose all track of time in the macrofinding clues about myself,  but nothing He has madeentrances … Continue reading Cloudscapes

Everyday Gold

Golden upon golden, liquid light layers, how much more obvious can it be that there is aheaven andalready among us? Upon the dark and blankcanvas, with tender and lovingbrushes, He stroked usinto existenceand allthat surrounds us, has never left us,and reminders each day, He has risefrom the earthand others'divine parts,in likeness made,which we shouldreverently celebrate and feel blessed byevery day. Poem and images … Continue reading Everyday Gold

Far Side of Flower

My photographer daughter nearby(with better equipment than mine)inquires why I would take a photoof the flower from behind,and I am a bit surprised,as she usually gets it intuitively,my fellow creative withour shared-way-of-seeing-nature genes...I didn't have an answer at the time, hard to explain the inner, abstract sensations, but as I play with the many images I took, some … Continue reading Far Side of Flower

It is the Sky

Awesome and tranquil Seasoothes me, strokes me with peace... The Mountains huddle protectivelyand I feel snug in the middle of their majesty... The Woods beckon me to wander endlessly,enchanted by flickering sunbeams between trees.... Unsurpassed beauty in the petals' intricacies,I hesitantly unfurl with the Flowers delicately... But of all of the nature in gifted creation,nothing … Continue reading It is the Sky