Give Me Cloudy Days

Give me cloudy days!Fill the skieswith grandiose displays,billows of magnificence,those ever-shifting shapes! No sunrise will I misswhen those clouds get their first kissand set off on their journeyblushing with pink bliss. Let the clouds continue to bloomwhen the skies default to blue;all day long, let them comeand show off what they can do. I'll still … Continue reading Give Me Cloudy Days

Minuscule Magnificence

Mower engine stopped at the sight of movement in a patch of wild, human stoops low to observe from a different perspective for a while...   What intricate patterns and details! What interesting coloring... Magnificent minuscule creature, you are quite lovely!   Hop along now! Hop elsewhere to safety. With lens and mind's eye, I've … Continue reading Minuscule Magnificence

Wildflowers in the Light

minute details extraordinaire captivate with their shape patterns enticing the iris whisper enchantment lead the way opening portals to fairy worlds offering wisdom pearls when petals unfurl glorious creation underfoot under-appreciated so often overlooked mindfulness, lack of speed photographer's lens steady underneath is granted access to the kingdom not so secret but gifted to those … Continue reading Wildflowers in the Light