Seashell Ifs

Audio (Click here.)

Oh, Great Coral Conch Shell by the seashore,
if I whisper you my secrets, will you share with me yours?

If I tell you what I think about these mysteries to be true,
will you reveal nuances subtly as clues?

If I sat here still and listened attentively,
would you tell me adventurous sea stories of all that you’ve seen?

If I wanted to have a word with Triton, King of the Sea,
would you be able to send for the mermaids to transport me?

If I put you in my pocket to add to my collection,
would you lose your magic so far inland?

Most of all, I was wondering this…
Do forgive me if it is simply too presumptuous…

If I sent a message to him in a bottle, but the winds interfered,
would you find him for me and whisper this into his ear…?

3 thoughts on “Seashell Ifs

    1. Yay! So glad you liked it! πŸ’• I was in the mood for an audio, so worked backwards. I was also in the mood for old-fashioned notebook writing, so did that first. 😊 My poems almost always just flow out beginning to end in a matter of moments. I actually wanted to make it longer but was impatient, lol.


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