Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Hope is a red balloon. To dream is to release,To let the heart again believe:Benediction granted wings. Hope is a red balloon. To fear is to release. Self-shackling to the ribbon neededFor freedom to be achieved. Hope is a red balloon.But with passenger and knapsack attached,It becomes the passagewayBetween spirit-death and life hatched.  Hope is a red balloonThat … Continue reading Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Resilient Hearts

I am NOT a gardener.Though a gardener I've never tried to be...Every natural wonder I've ever encounteredhas been there before me, remnants from previous tenants' tastesand sculptures wild and freelovingly planted in my pathby the Creator Almightyand meant at the time of discoveryto be the personal messages needed.  And so it is with my hibiscus pinks, cut … Continue reading Resilient Hearts

Always Surmountable

©LauraDenise We are never trapped,just fated to faulty perspective, succumb to specious perception;it's all relevant, related – one more rock-move awayfrom the light on the other sideof the avalanche, one more "wrong" turnlost in the forestbefore hearing the anabranch... much is necessarily experienced:near suffocation sometimes the only way to motivate a life-saving change, the legs of … Continue reading Always Surmountable

Sea Dance

Barefoot atop the deep waters,white dress and wild tresses flowing,sunken-ship cemetery of the past beneath,I twirl in this present moment.  The sea is mineas my dance floor,and I skim across to my pick of shores;I explore, I vacation, not searching, just jubilationof losingworries and fears,exaltation of the lightnessof the lifting of those stormy years,each moment an eternityto … Continue reading Sea Dance

The Tiller

Trust in the shadows;they are benevolent too, dimming the wrong waysso the beacon may shine through. Listen for the truth;it whispers faithfully through the gale.Turn your back to the blustery lies;the bitterest of winds best fill the sails. You don't need a mapfor an evacuation route;just follow the signsHe's already laid out. He knows all, … Continue reading The Tiller

Gray Plague

Gray Plague Part choice, part determinationit seems to beto avoid the exterminationwhile still livingcaused by the lossof feelingwhen we fallinto that stateof complacency,the dangerous hibernationof our dreams,the steps we taketurning our backon the wayit could be,should be...It's not easyto keep the grayfrom takingour colors.We fade,part victim,part converter;we don't sellour souls,we give them now awayin exchangefor … Continue reading Gray Plague

October Blooms

How can I possibly focuswhen you've goneand set abloomall the colors in mein such sweetly-scented hues? How can I commandself-discipline whenyour inspiration stirsmy creative passions? How can I do those thingsI need to tend towhen my soul heard your non-whispercalling me my own muse? How can I keep orderwith this flutter of fancy withinthat came … Continue reading October Blooms