Cobwebs Between Petals

Ninety-three million miles away,yet upon the cobwebs of a flower,Sol's ray reaches, haloes, frames. How powerfulthat gentle, golden beam iswhen it finds and reminds us ourinsignificanceis more important and personalthan we think it to be,for the Creator made surethe cold and darkness would always havereturning light and heat. We are turned away each evening,in a rotation beyond … Continue reading Cobwebs Between Petals

Floral Orbit

It's hard to decipherwhich is me, which is you, when we alternatepositions, both alwaysas one and the gentlestof blooms.Sometimes it is the shadowsthat give the needed solace;in tender loving form, one protectively umbrellasan ecliptic respite.We are the same:each crease in the petala similar quondam-but-unable-to-be-forgottenstory, memory,that will not becomeus, for our souls' DNAseeps fromhearts of goldand velvet touches,for all purityis … Continue reading Floral Orbit

In The Eye

Don't tell me there is no divinitywhen I am looking heaven in the eye,infused with the essence, soul-transfixed, lifted,swirling upwards as colors become light,and the ingress solicitously entices the spiritas form sublimes, shapeshifts until undefined,and passes through the full transfusion of serenitythrough the glowing portal in the after-pouring sky. Poem and this evening's photo ¬©LauraDenise

One (More) Prayer

Blinded by tears,but sight not neededwhen folded in prayerand the heart is leading through the dark,no darkness able to extinguishthe soul's pilot light ignitingthe vigil of candlesin a community's deepest wishes, one prayerall I've ever believedto be needed,but at the same time,what if one moreis all that's needed... when any fellow brother or sisteris pleadingto … Continue reading One (More) Prayer

When the Lamp Goes Out

Natural and manmadesilently juxtaposed,constructed polesoff the mark,crooked, leaning, despite attempted anchoring, branches gravitating in the right direction, toward the Lightof the World,  rooted in belief,faith running deep,grasping earth,dirt, free of concrete, sand and soil offeringssupporting verticalinner growthto break ground,breathe air,sprout, bloom, reach,embraced,loving whisperssaying you arebeautiful. When the artificial lightgoes out, I am able to clearlysee.  Obstructed view,no view, no proof:nothing needed. Even afterthe sun … Continue reading When the Lamp Goes Out

The Gardening

I saw a miracle,or how a miraclewould be explainedby scientistsignorantly: I saw a wishbecome a dream,then beliefbirth it intoreality, deep feelingsigniting all synapses in a total firing, a supernovaof the heart,a soular sunburstwith only doubtdying, for when the purestof whispersget heard by benevolent Night,legend has itthe stardust fallsto earth as seedsfrom the sky, and in the lastof the … Continue reading The Gardening

Always Have Been

When the voices inside,whether yours or theirs,start to rise up and disguise the lies as truths, look to the skyand see the rayof light shining downon false transparencies refracting all thebeautiful colorsthat make up you. Don't use artificiallooking glasses,for the perpetratorscan too easilyhide behind them,your doppelg√§nger included.  See your reflection insteadin the windows of the soulsof those … Continue reading Always Have Been

In Between the Rains

In between the rains,I collect the molecules of my soul,air-dropped from the heavens,clues gifted from angels. I peer into the crystalliquid balls of the beyond,not the future but the now,glimpses of the parallel worlds. Each minuscule evanescent orbthe only looking glass for me;the universe within,my naked eye squints to see. This water of life toocomposes … Continue reading In Between the Rains

Too Soon To Title

You can find me among the wildflowersin the golden light;this is one of the few things I knowabout where my soul resides.  You'll carry the scars;they make you who you are, but rarely will they remindof the battles you thought you lostwhen you slipped through that presumed eternal holeinside. He lies.  That's all you need to knowfor … Continue reading Too Soon To Title