obstructed by boulders, been told of the horizon beyond make the best of the dead-end called home the road placed upon no need for wings when caged by ceiling dreams fading suffocating gaze turned away from that crack letting in light ears choose to no longer be fooled by hope's lullaby no way out of … Continue reading Obstructed


Waves of yesterdays evidenced in footprints not yet erased lose their shadows in the gradual light of another day, and I add to them on my way to where the sand shows no trace   of existence. I am one of the few witnesses.   I patiently wait and wait for sun to make his … Continue reading Witness

Red Flag

Highs and lows are the nature of life, from mental health to ocean tides, and presently, in this moment in time, I am humbly watching faithful sun slowly rise after being rescued from a self-induced riptide. Tired but again all right. Thank you for your unconditional lifelines. Poem and images ©LauraDenise