Remembering Colors

Inner chamber protected, guarded. Scarred. Misused and abusedbefore. Colors over decadesfade. Doors and windowsboarded.  The softness of youlike dawn. Patience watercolorsshared canvas in pastels.Gradually, I reach to try some,apply upon my soft shell. Day by day, ébaucheto a never-final coat.Overflowing well withinnow self-saturates. Self-love's ductsunclogged.A Master peace of love:brought together, soulmates.  Poem and images ©LauraDenise


Some chambersof the heartcannot be revived,but somehow, in time,the others manageto thrive,filling in with extracolor and light,like fall delicatelypreserved despitethe returning of spring,some thingssimply adapt inside,like a damaged heartthat syncsto another’s beat,incapable of replacingor restoring that partbut giving new lifeto a deserved and beautifulheart. Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Twirling Petals

Between my fingers, I slowly twirlthe way I've done before,white petals like the pinwheelthat may in turn propel my heartand set in motion in the universethe dreams I've protectively harbored, but now I realize, those dreams have beenall granted by the stars,so the only thing that fadesin the mist of heaven's cloudsis my grip on hopefor … Continue reading Twirling Petals


Each momentI gently holdso tenderly,each for a separatestill-life eternity,seal in a crystaltear of joy,baubles of my hearthung in the field,suncatchers uponthe Tree of Life,and I kneel and feelthe kiss on my bowed headfrom the Light,and my Father whispers, "It is what I have always wantedfor you, my sweet child."I rise and returnto the heavenof your love,and … Continue reading Suncatchers

I Walk With Thee

Beneath the Prunus avium Plena,I walk with thee,our souls the samedouble bloom,pure white,light-laced,bound tenderly. Graceful and graciousis this love;we bow humbly. The birds sing.Eternal spring.Hearts hatched;finally, the Birthing. My life beganwhen you reachedfor my hand,and we strolled into our dreams leisurely,intentionally losingourselves togetheramong the double whitecherry trees. Photo sent to me by a friend ❤

Fungal Reflection

I don't usually like to know the scientific facts about the subjects I find and photograph in nature, even basic identification. It spoils the wonder and mystery to me, the thrill of all my imagination hatches, the magic, the mysticism, the fantasy, the tales, the divine creation we think we know all about. These are … Continue reading Fungal Reflection