Each moment
I gently hold
so tenderly,
each for a separate
still-life eternity,
seal in a crystal
tear of joy,
baubles of my heart
hung in the field,
suncatchers upon
the Tree of Life,
and I kneel and feel
the kiss on my bowed head
from the Light,
and my Father whispers, 
“It is what I have always wanted
for you, my sweet child.”
I rise and return
to the heaven
of your love,
and just for today, 
for us,
time slows down…

I Walk With Thee

Beneath the Prunus avium Plena,
I walk with thee,
our souls the same
double bloom,
pure white,
bound tenderly.

Graceful and gracious
is this love;
we bow humbly.

The birds sing.
Eternal spring.
Hearts hatched;
finally, the Birthing.

My life began
when you reached
for my hand,
and we strolled 
into our dreams leisurely,
intentionally losing
ourselves together
among the double white
cherry trees.

Photo sent to me by a friend ❤

Keep Us Here

Gently, I shake my spring snowglobe
and shrink like Alice into the dreamworld. 
Meet me there, beneath our tree
in the shady grove beside the stream.
For a while, simply lie with me,
as we listen to the birds
and each other’s heartbeats
and feel the wild grasses
underneath our bare feet.
This paradise with you I’ll keep,
these stolen moments in which we
so easily let ourselves just be,
so freely, just you and me, 
entwined in love beneath
blue skies and green canopy
as the bliss drips and seeps,
honey-coating our souls with peace:
this is simply all I need. 
Angels, please shake again tenderly
our spring snowglobe eternally. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Petals Along the Path

Just another golden bloom
beneath the golden rays,
just another petal in the path
to my heart’s hearth
at the end of the day

where you’ll find me always
and just the same,
as faithful as sun & moon
taking turns to
light individual ways,

but you know the direction home
by the scent of the dream,
and you make your way 
off trail through the fields
to me;

the wildflowers whisper,
familiar with us both,
and excitedly sway, tickled by
our love’s natural growth.

In the distance, 
your soul espies 
its shared light source:
love of your life
predictably hunched over
wildflowers beyond the garden. 

Inside your chest,
a million daffodils
spring up,
your silhouette 
against the setting sun, 
itself, like hers, 
haloed in the golden, 

and the gods gently shake
with a smile
the sacred snow globe of love,
officially changing the season,
and all of creation again
wakes up…

Poem and image ©LauraDenise


No words
for once
for you, 
just this
I transfuse 
from my heart
to yours
while you
hold me
a little
and our hearts
as one
as they always have:
it led us 
to us, 
our rhythm 
long ago
set in time
by the gods.

My love, 
I knew
in that first
you were
the one. 
It’s not
when dreams
are made
from the clay
where star-wishes
with the earth
when they are sent
to finally
be birthed. 

You pull back
to look at me,
and the stardust
in your eyes
the cause
of the tears,
those few magical drops
that are silently
in the moonlight
and cleanse
both of our

Blooms & Moods

White and ivory blooms,
intact with their earthy roots,
just right in the soft sunlight,
will always be my favorite
for the way my soul connects
to a home I know I once

And the bright yellows
that herald in spring,
flower trumpets
kicking off the jubilee,
insisting that every face
turn toward the sun
and celebrate –
those do make my heart

But when it comes to romance,
kiss me beneath the softest, silkiest pinks,
like the subtle blush of our cheeks
just after our lips brush,
having found the perfect song
among the scented breeze of the trees
that shelter and witness our sweet

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Maiden Song

I am the maiden from your dreams
whose song you still heard in your non-sleep,
deep in the wood where the single beam
breached the dark and lit the lilting stream
that you followed, barefoot-steady on mossy rock,
determined to find the source entrancing your heart.

Maiden, faery, mythological immortal, 
you knew not the form of the feminine aura,
only that you would never be at peace
until you tasted the voice that gave purpose to the breeze

that reached you over and over again
both far away and as breath upon your skin, 
closer now than you’ve ever been,
always determined I’d be just around the next bend,

and this time, the end of the search,
back turned, I felt your presence,
white dress, hem drenched by the river,
wildflowers woven through waterfalling tresses;

unsure if the heavens kept a soft beam on me
or that was my own light self-illuminating,
you froze in awe, then began to weep in relief
as I slowly turned and used your name in my greeting.

Never so sweet were three syllables ever spoken
until the ones that soon followed when in your arms,
I was finally enfolded––
the fit, so long ago star-blessed and
divinely molded.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

The Journey

The journey, they say, 
is in itself the key;
I’ve been down
every wrong road
multiple times
it seemed,

but to surface, 
I wish I could say unscathed, 
with the treasure of me
in this mirror 
now held

I’m hesitant 
to lay blame
on my past,
for who I am
was definitely shaped
by every shadowed,

and the key
that ended up being me
fits perfectly
into the lock
around your heart; 

I look forward
to every step
we now get to take
journeying to meet our Matchmaker,
hand in hand,
to that eternal

Poem and image ©LauraDenise