I thought I saw a glimpseof angel wings with one tear clinging,  or maybe it was my imagination or my dream realized, or so I thought, for in that fleeting brushand drop, a celestial crystal ball of truths;  after all, I write my own future,  and sometimes the signsare only meant to be clues only detectable in the listening of the vision  within that … Continue reading Glimpses


Some set off to find themselves; some say wherever you go, there you are. Some never choose paths to explorebut remain stagnant, wishing upon stars. (But stars are evermoving,taking those wishes with them,beckoning the dreamer to followthe paths constellationly charted.)I set off with no objective,but upon returning, the self-reflection(thoughts actually in the clouds!)made me realize about myselfthat I … Continue reading Confirmations

Pursuit of the Bloom

Thinning tightrope, teetering plank:I've walked them both.I've fallen.I've sank.Tentacles brushing,shadows lurking,up the stalk, through the Valley of Thorns,relentlessly clambering. Holes in the boardsopening and closing,disguised as light, trap doorsback to startheartlessly sending.The invisible bridge always glistening against Defeat's whispersin the first rays each morning,fleeting, only sustainable by faithand a resolute spirit's strength.Maybe todaywill be the day...A thought repeatedover decades...  Finally achievedand coming … Continue reading Pursuit of the Bloom

Twirling Petals

Between my fingers, I slowly twirlthe way I've done before,white petals like the pinwheelthat may in turn propel my heartand set in motion in the universethe dreams I've protectively harbored, but now I realize, those dreams have beenall granted by the stars,so the only thing that fadesin the mist of heaven's cloudsis my grip on hopefor … Continue reading Twirling Petals

Humble and Free

Innately humble,previously crumbled,leveled beneath the rubbleof decades of reinforcedword-misuse,untruths, I now know,this self-love journeycontinues to unfurlquite like the protective petals finally believing the whispers of the goldenmorning light. I have done morethan bloom:I have begun the rise. Saltwater rightfully weatherstears petrified.Scars from my pastcannot be erased,but the open wounds have sealedand the sting of the wavesI no longer … Continue reading Humble and Free

Gravitational Falls

We all fall. Sometimes.It's inevitable. Natural.Stumbles and knockoutsalong the way.Bumps and potholes,from obstacles and pitfalls, All paved roads, manmade.  No wonder we get lost. We make through-streetswhen we are meant to meanderon foot, following brooksand the day-star beaconthrough the trees.  I believe it lightsa different directionfor each.  Newton's laws are reallya Universe thing, term ego-coined by humanity,but even … Continue reading Gravitational Falls

Always Surmountable

©LauraDenise We are never trapped,just fated to faulty perspective, succumb to specious perception;it's all relevant, related – one more rock-move awayfrom the light on the other sideof the avalanche, one more "wrong" turnlost in the forestbefore hearing the anabranch... much is necessarily experienced:near suffocation sometimes the only way to motivate a life-saving change, the legs of … Continue reading Always Surmountable