The Journey

The journey, they say, is in itself the key;I've been downevery wrong roadmultiple timesit seemed, but to surface, I wish I could say unscathed, with the treasure of mein this mirror now heldsacred,  I'm hesitant to lay blameon my past,for who I amwas definitely shapedby every shadowed,obstacle-strewnpath,  and the keythat ended up being mefits perfectlyinto the lockaround your heart;  I … Continue reading The Journey

Window Shells

Out of body, I float through time, hover unaccompanied, no ghost as guide; nonetheless, through windows I peer,Dickens-paned, layered veneers.Yet in them, in those moments, the mise-en-scènes are still amiss–a faraway look, a laugh insincere, a single, silent unwitnessed tear–not necessarily sad, just adrift; have I never settled into my prints?My soul, a gypsy, but wishing to barter–tent for cabin, … Continue reading Window Shells

The Tiller

Trust in the shadows;they are benevolent too, dimming the wrong waysso the beacon may shine through. Listen for the truth;it whispers faithfully through the gale.Turn your back to the blustery lies;the bitterest of winds best fill the sails. You don't need a mapfor an evacuation route;just follow the signsHe's already laid out. He knows all, … Continue reading The Tiller

Previous Chapters

I could tell you my story.Especially sinceI am now able to look back.But I’m selfishly enjoying too muchthis present.And I’ve already devotedso much of my lifetrapped in the chaptersriddled with sadness and strife;the stale stench still makes mechoke,the dust better leftat rest, that half-book closed.I feel a bit guilty though.If I let you read it,if … Continue reading Previous Chapters

Cleaning Windows

Revisiting cracked window scenesfrom my past,on my terms,in a controlled mental environment, I strip him of the victim persona,no, not persona...I believed him victimdeep withinsince as a boy, Addiction took hold. I wipe the filmfrom the glass,but it only smears more;I clean it properlyand reveal myselflooking out,eyeing the door. Only my hidden tearfrom that year … Continue reading Cleaning Windows


Valley to valley,shapeshifting sands,mountains slipping downand through my hands,  peak miragesyet they block my view,do not permit ascentfrom the shadowsto vistas of truth,  yet I knewbeyond the traps and setbacks,somewhere out therewas a billowing mast and endless skies of blueand a sail or cloud or bothto take me away to where I knewmy hopes as … Continue reading Harbingers

Blue Canvas

Upon the blue canvasof my dreams,I take hold of a brushand my destiny. Having painted atopa darker past, I choose the brightest huesand happiness. Never actually fatedto the dead-end path I was on, self-shackled, I eventually realizedthere were no locks, and the way I was livingreally upset my Father,but I thought the sacrificeswere what He wanted. Twice … Continue reading Blue Canvas

Off Trail

At the crossroadsagain,so I thought,the familiar loop trailI've been traversing upon, the path that intersectswith a hopeful other,but I've explored bothand all the countless others,  round and round,and though the scenery is nice,I've been looking for somethingdifferent all of my life, not sure what,but I've always knownI'd know when I stumbled uponthe right way home, … Continue reading Off Trail

Thank Goodness for Seasons

Thank goodness for seasonsand changing skiesto provide the movementneeded in our lives, movement to bring inand to carry awaythe hopes and sighsof the everyday. The winds seem to changeto nudge emotional stagnanciesunbeknownst to usthwarting the plans of Destiny, for the blessings lined up for uscan only be receivedif after the winters,we can open our heartsonce … Continue reading Thank Goodness for Seasons

If I Expose My Soul

My place, still trying to find…The theme seems to beon repeatin my poems and prayers,on repeateven after all of these years.How can a soul feelso gypsy-like?Am Ijust too connectedto some othersource of life,to an invisible umbilicalchord still tied,too aware that none of thisis being done right,the meaning and purposeof this hourglass-time?Am I to be searching,actively … Continue reading If I Expose My Soul