Fungal Reflection

I don't usually like to know the scientific facts about the subjects I find and photograph in nature, even basic identification. It spoils the wonder and mystery to me, the thrill of all my imagination hatches, the magic, the mysticism, the fantasy, the tales, the divine creation we think we know all about. These are … Continue reading Fungal Reflection

Too Soon To Title

You can find me among the wildflowersin the golden light;this is one of the few things I knowabout where my soul resides.  You'll carry the scars;they make you who you are, but rarely will they remindof the battles you thought you lostwhen you slipped through that presumed eternal holeinside. He lies.  That's all you need to knowfor … Continue reading Too Soon To Title

Holding Photographs

nostalgia bittersweetjoy so genuine, effortlessradiating, echoingfrom fading photographs touched, held betweenringless fingers and the fumesof a heart on emptyfrom the momentso distantly removed time does not warpthose precious instancesforever suspendedfeelings will flutter onthousands of centuries bittersweet for the blissis eternally retrievablebut if the present is lessthen the tearsbreach suppressible falling is the gravityof sadness, all … Continue reading Holding Photographs

As Me

"I do not ever want youto stop being you. Please,"you said to me, as you always do, but this time,finally,you got through after such patiencein teaching mehow to love myselfand never oncebeing anythingbut kind and understandingas I repeatedly fell  on my face,tripping overhow unnecessarily x      l     m     c     e     p      o I insist on … Continue reading As Me

In the Sea of Shells

In the vast sea of shells, you found mine, on the island upon which I buriedthe saltwater in my eyes. Or is it that...In the vast sea of shells, I finally found youupon a remote shorewith a heart I'd renew. Who found whom?Perhaps not a finding at allwhen God as Matchmakerguides two soulstogether to loveand … Continue reading In the Sea of Shells

See Past Shells

You are not broken. We all have our chips,scabs and scars,stories hidden, the search and strivefor perfect,itself a myth; you are perfectas is, each soul a treasure,measured not by appearanceor the illusion of wholeness,for we are equally completewhen love washes over us for no shell is enclosed,though we shrink within, open and in rotation,vulnerable heartssearch … Continue reading See Past Shells

The Journey

The journey, they say, is in itself the key;I've been downevery wrong roadmultiple timesit seemed, but to surface, I wish I could say unscathed, with the treasure of mein this mirror now heldsacred,  I'm hesitant to lay blameon my past,for who I amwas definitely shapedby every shadowed,obstacle-strewnpath,  and the keythat ended up being mefits perfectlyinto the lockaround your heart;  I … Continue reading The Journey

For A While

Times are changing,the earth keeps rotating,seasons arrive and depart...Change is always hard on my heart. No shadow now joined to my hip.Gradual independence.Children grow up and detach.How can we know which kiss may be the last? Years unravelled from finite twine; at the end, the kites will fly.If Father Time were to grant my wish,which moments … Continue reading For A While