Mystery to Me

Heart-sensors extra sensitive, picking up mixed signals of every human emotion, eyes brim with unidentified sadness but do not spill over, for tears that mix simultaneously with happiness get recalled to the cauldron to start over in the feelings-concoction, stirred not by hand but all that I am, have been through, have yet to see, … Continue reading Mystery to Me

Slipper Clicks and the Timeless Wish

The romanticized, nostalgic idea of there being no place like home tugs on our heartstrings in the clicks of Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers. I can’t help but wonder, though, what that ideal vision of home looked like in the minds and hearts of viewers then, and what it looks like now. At the time this … Continue reading Slipper Clicks and the Timeless Wish

In Defense of Poetry

Poor, Poetry... so mistreated, defeated, cheated, unliked, stigmatized, chastised, degraded, underrated, unappreciated neglected, rejected, resisted.   Why?   Too sly? Dry? Confusing? Unamusing?   Don't you realize what Poetry has to offer? Especially if you're the author?   If you have feelings, you are qualified to write it. Close your eyes. Don't overthink it.   … Continue reading In Defense of Poetry