Parting Kiss

I must part ways with you now,
dear Darkness;
Light is forlorn
without its Laura,

my aura
is dimming
the further I drift
in this alluring
away from attempts

of putting forth
the efforts
to swim
back up
toward Bliss:

I still hope,
believe (barely),
that it exists.

A parting kiss…

Yes, I know
that means
I will have to let go,
for now,
of that dream,
but I can keep
the parts
that were seeded,
for weeds
they are not;
I feel it,
in that new spot,
how I can nurture
it into something

I will.

I return to the isle
from a distance,
leave a trinket,
so it is known
I’ll always
be near,

no need to desert
every future

We will all

Shared Trains

I’ve ridden
on the same trains
as you
over these eternal years, 
collecting the paintings
of your words
in my album
held dear.

When you board,
a sense of comfort
always hugs my soul
even without eye contact
or any vocalized hello.

Somehow, I feel
you know me, though,
while respecting
my poor attempts at

Always at night,
we ride, reading
each other;
sometimes I ride
to stay near
when you depart,

hovering at the open window,
turning to respect your privacy
after the last line
of your poem
falls off

My spirit knows yours
from some other life or realm;
I’ve counted on you
to always be there
as I travelled through each
lonely world. 

Today, the universe
was all out of whack,
for when you boarded,
you replied back

to the thoughts
I did not think were said.
A rose you left,
my name spoken,

and seeded 
as you sat
chatting away
to my smile
and starry eyes

until it was our 
independent stops.
No sins today,
but my heart felt
your pulse.  

Ripples Rising

From a sprout,
sea-oat planted
in sugar sand,
despite the salt
water, it expanded,

yeastless, missing ingredients, 
still rising to release
the aroma of
bay-rippled, lunar-lit

absorbed by clouds
above a distant shore,
sweet kisses 
and morsels of whispers
delivered to moon, igniting 
the next star

to guide love closer 
to that flourishing grain, 
swaying with that savoring
flavor of faith.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise


No words
for once
for you, 
just this
I transfuse 
from my heart
to yours
while you
hold me
a little
and our hearts
as one
as they always have:
it led us 
to us, 
our rhythm 
long ago
set in time
by the gods.

My love, 
I knew
in that first
you were
the one. 
It’s not
when dreams
are made
from the clay
where star-wishes
with the earth
when they are sent
to finally
be birthed. 

You pull back
to look at me,
and the stardust
in your eyes
the cause
of the tears,
those few magical drops
that are silently
in the moonlight
and cleanse
both of our


Above the clouds,
looking down,
I see the beacon
unable to be buried
beneath the waves
at the “bottom” of
the abyssal sea:

it shines for me,

lighted gem
of hope
at the heart
of the ocean’s soul,

Mother of the light
that has long been
implanted in me.

I recline on the sky-drops,
and the automatic echo
from my chest begins to flicker
its internal glow.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Evening Petals

As the sun sets,
and sangria
kisses my lips,
I twirl
white petals
in my fingertips,

manipulating them
into the frame,
and with my dreams,
I do the same,

as if the halo
of the golden light
will bring my
heart’s desires
to life,

and for added measure,
or  perhaps because I
can’t help but linger,
I add a little bit of
mystic moonlight
as if the glow
from both
will last

he arrives.

Night Air

My favorite kind of sky
graces me tonight.
No matter moon’s
shape or size,
it is the clouds
that catch my eye
(no surprise)

in the way
they float by
as a reminder in time
the dark always gives way
to the light.

In the distance,
the wind chimes
softly join
in nature’s lullaby;

trees in the perfect breeze
and insect trill
pacify my mind,
and I remember what it is
to be still…