Feathers Aglow


She soaks her dreamcatcher feathers
in moonlight
to harness the lunar power
of cosmic possibilities;
though the glow does not keep,
from the weave into her dreams
the magic seeps,
and she dances all night
among the stars,
flowing dress sweeping
across the sky
in a solo performance
that causes sentimental clouds
to cry,
and the stars and moon
seem to glow extra bright
as she so gracefully
whirls by.


13 thoughts on “Feathers Aglow

  1. You captured a wondrous vision with your dream-catcher Laura…. my dream-catcher hangs under my verandah…. it came from High River, Alberta, Canada….πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸŒ

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    1. You must share it with me now! How about a poem of your own with it on your blog or Instagram? πŸ™‚ ❀ With an accompanying song, of course! ❀ I love dreamcatchers. I am blessed to never have bad dreams and am quite grateful for that! Oh boy, am I ever a dreamer, though, day and night!…

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  2. The dream is elusive but always worthy of an alluring dance. The soul longs for nature to sweep her onto a moonlit dance floor where the orchestral music is all their own. What starts out so large (nature, the universe, sweeping into the arms of soul) becomes private and intimate (a moonlit dream in ones own mind). The immeasurably grand and inconceivably beautiful becomes small, quiet, a fragile flower in the moonlit mind, and that is the movement of love (and I would add artistic creativity) from the archetypal to the personal. Your words here convey the sweep so well.

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