It is the Sky

Awesome and tranquil Sea
soothes me, strokes me with peace…

The Mountains huddle protectively
and I feel snug in the middle of their majesty…

The Woods beckon me to wander endlessly,
enchanted by flickering sunbeams between trees….

Unsurpassed beauty in the petals’ intricacies,
I hesitantly unfurl with the Flowers delicately…

But of all of the nature in gifted creation,
nothing captures my heart quite like the heavens,

the glimpses of paradise where angels reside,
looking down on us, their love reaching with light.

It is Sky that makes my heart leap the most,
can’t take my eyes off of; it’s entranced my soul.

The clouds carry my every dream and hope,
and one day, will lovingly carry me home.

Ice and Fire

Ice crystals upon Florida blades,
clouds engulfed in raging flames,
Jack Frost and Robert
fill my brain…

but neither fire
nor ice do I perceive
in any way
save benevolently,

a campfire in the sky
that enraptures delightfully;
I watch it just the same,
hypnotized by nature’s shapeshifting.

The rareness of this kiss of frost
in the South brings out my glee and awe;
a magical season missed and dear,
Jack gifts me with to make his love clear.

It’s icing on my December cake,
not my birthday but soon his miracle day.
God’s blessings keep continuously upon us rain,
and the coldness warms my soul with shared dreams passionately


Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Give Me Cloudy Days

Give me cloudy days!
Fill the skies
with grandiose displays,
billows of magnificence,
those ever-shifting shapes!

No sunrise will I miss
when those clouds get their first kiss
and set off on their journey
blushing with pink bliss.

Let the clouds continue to bloom
when the skies default to blue;
all day long, let them come
and show off what they can do.

I’ll still be looking up
when the sun begins to drop
and kisses again the clouds goodnight
as night begins its watch.

In front of moon, the clouds pass
in my favorite nocturnal dance
in lines floating by
that captivate and hold me entranced.

Thank you, Creator, for garnishing with clouds;
how boring the view would be without!
Thank you for the constant reminder
that You are still undoubtedly around.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Golden Frames

Golden transformation
those past pains
with limited perspectives
seem to undergo
when God and time
mix in blessings and distance.

No phoenix transformation needed;
from the fires before ashes,
I retrieve the experiences
and in lieu of scar-brands

manipulate the molten looking-glass
and use the heat to my advantage,
blowing a kiss of forgiveness
to all of my previous misfortunes,

all the ways things did not turn out
the way I hoped they would,
for in the end, it seems that all
will be perfectly understood.

So in the setting sun of yesterdays,
I withhold the potential for rain
and weld the cloud shapes
into precious golden frames…

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Predawn Calls

Pre-dawn calls,
beckons me to come
outdoors to witness
the ceremony of Sun

in its ritualistic return,
for each genesis of day,
I insist in being present
for the glorious display;

birdsong lifts
as a gift, and I
turn skywards
my soul-window eyes,

and inside me,
all falls still
as the silhouette-on-pastel clouds
drift and swirl,

and Time itself
forgets to propel
the earth
in those moments
so angelically tranquil.

Just-Right Breeze


An open window and wings
are not enough to reach your dreams;
there must be the just-right breeze.
It comes from within
and ruffles self-belief.

You will know when it is time
to leave it all behind;
it is only a matter of mind.
A soul is predisposed to flight.

It is never that a dream
is impossible to achieve,
for all that is needed
is for that need to supersede.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Night Air

My favorite kind of sky
graces me tonight.
No matter moon’s
shape or size,
it is the clouds
that catch my eye
(no surprise)

in the way
they float by
as a reminder in time
the dark always gives way
to the light.

In the distance,
the wind chimes
softly join
in nature’s lullaby;

trees in the perfect breeze
and insect trill
pacify my mind,
and I remember what it is
to be still…

Let Me Be

Let me be.

I need

no treatment

for this obsession,

my sky fascination,

constant, non-stop


Let me keep

my celestial connection.

Let me keep

spinning in my 

colorful imagination

the endless possibilities 

of everything beyond this.

Let me keep 

my dreams

sprinkled with romance.

Let me continue

up there

upon the clouds

to dance…

Poem and images ©LauraDenise