Yellow Blooms

Yellow and white wild blooms
I insist remain nameless
I contemplate picking for you
to arrange in sill sunlit,
but I can’t do it;
I keep them rooted
but skim their scent
over fingertips,
and a fallen one tuck
in a long, silky tress,
face tilted up,
b r e a t h i n g  i n
this existence
in yellow floral dress;
the sun kisses shoulders,
and I sense your jealously
in our cottage
working remotely.
Heading back,
I hear the kettle whistling
cheerfully for me….

Wish Depletion

No wishes for you;
they’ve all been used –
all that’s left,
dark silhouettes
on a backdrop
of gray doom… 

not entirely true! 

These particular wishes
attached to prayers
have all been 
sent by another
who cares,

and with each
of those breaths,
so many more
with wings

were launched 
to find where
you are
and rebirth
your dreams.

Turn around and see
the field gifted to you
from me. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Heart-Buds in Spring

A neighborhood walk
to marvel in the arrival
of spring:
just what I needed.
My furry companion, too, 
raises his face
to the fresh breeze. 

Trees and planted bushes
in people’s private yards
bloom in unison with
the wildflowers on vacant lots,

for heart-buds in spring
cannot help but burst
when the harbingers arrive
and announce it’s finally time

for rebirth. 

Single Yellow Bloom

Standing bold and bright
before the woods,
a single yellow bloom…
the contrast stops my shadow;
what a story we’ve stumbled into!

The single yellow bloom
seems larger than the sun
when all alone beaming
against a backdrop
of humdrum.

No other bloom around, 
just towering matchstick pines;
the only flame, though, ignited 
from a heart of gold
cocooned inside

brave enough
to shine.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Roots and Blooms

With a single spark
from my wild heart,
I sneakily reseed
a little yellow cheer
and carry on
my solo way,
planting the
little flames
to light the way
back to

So if you see
the floral light,
pass it on
be kind
to a stranger,
let’s try
to string
no matter
how fleeting,
for the winter is
and the birds sing
of forgiveness,
of burying,
of remembering,

for in the decay
of leaves,
we can fertilize
the best parts
of memories,
and visit
the rest
at the graveyard
of past seasons;
the reasons
you cling to
that poison 
your roots,
leave by the wayside
and mark the route.
Visit respectfully
but do not carry it
with you;
seeds were meant 
for detaching,
and rebirthing
where they land
new blooms.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Befriending Bumblebees

Befriending bumblebees,
watching cloud-shapes come to life,
making majestic the flowering weeds,
the peace around me seeps in when I am outside.

(See the bumblebee?)

Time may tick, but no manmade clock
interrupts Laura’s la-la land thoughts.
I am one of them, the nature alive in the yard,
no language needed when you are birthed from the stars,
though I do whistle in response to the birds;
in another life, I learned the wordless verses.

Sunlight dances with my frizzy tresses;
soon I will waltz with the summer wind in sundresses. 
I don’t need to go far; just don’t make me go in.
I wish to stay longer as princess in this magical kingdom. 

Poem and backyard images taken today ©LauraDenise

Parking Lot Thoughts

Turn not a blind eye upon
the beauty that surrounds;
sometimes you simply must
expend a bit of effort to

seek it out.

There is never a beauty drought.
Look about! 

In a grocery store parking lot,
for you, I frame this bouquet,


to send you a wordless reminder
of my love, 

to remind you are dearly
thought of,

desiring that the white-petaled hope
could be a moment that lingers in
cheering you up.

I will never stop
sowing in you these seeds
of my love

in eternal spring,
for your dimples again to


Poem and images and love by Laura

Sunny Blooms

It’s sooooooo dismal out there! People’s weather. 

The holidays are always toughest for me. I hit my latest low the minute they “ended,” when I let it all out. Just too many inner truths surface and get ripped open that I like to keep neatly wrapped the rest of the year and stashed away in the closet… but I made it back. And I came back stronger than ever. Funny how it seems it needs to work that way; the lowest lows, not survived but surmounted, climbed, seem to bring us to the highest heights, reward us with the wings even, to fly. Without the lows, we can never truly experience, let alone appreciate, the highs, and I sure do love the highs. Would you give up both for a forever flatness?… I don’t think I could.

I did more than survive that last round, though the sirens lured me in again. This time, I remembered I was part mermaid and eventually high-tide-tailed it out of there. Boy, were those sirens ever surprised! I swam away; I want to naturally say back to the light, as I, like many, have fallen into favor with the analogy of darkness and light. One of my favorite song lines is, “If I could turn back the clock, I’d make sure the light defeated the dark” (Calum Scott). I can’t even type it without getting goosebumps. I am one who can put a song on repeat indefinitely and just stay forever in that powerful moment and zone. It does bring to mind how powerful that zone can be, and how we really do need to pay attention to what we have on repeat and also make sure that if we are playing a broken record, we don’t lose sight of the needle; my whole life was that metaphor for so long…

I would also like to defend darkness; not all darkness is bad. I strive to start every day in darkness; I simply must be up long before dawn. It’s my me time, my writing time. I keep the lights off, and my fingers gravitate like moths to the laptop light to begin their beautiful dance ritual, witnessed by the waning moonlight. The pup continues dozing beside me.

When it comes to natural darkness, let us also never forget, we are lovingly gifted the stars and moon, to guide us, to talk to, to dream upon, to comfort those scared of the dark. And like the lows, how can we appreciate the magnificent beauty of the waking morning colors if not for that contrasting black backdrop canvas? I feel I am always first in line to witness the sun rise, and I never take for granted that it does. To know the light will always faithfully and unconditionally return!… 

People’s weather out there though… Sheesh! Work morale is sooooo low. All year this year. We are normally the undefeated champs when it comes to good vibes. The students too…they are zombies I cannot wake up. The other day, a gray and rainy one, I crossed paths with a former student in the grocery store parking lot. He exclaimed, “No way!!!” repeatedly at seeing me, face lit up like a thousand suns, as he got out of his car, as giddy as a toddler on Christmas morning, to hug me in the rain. That’s what I’m used to. Requited love, relationships, connections, making a difference, making memories to last a lifetime…all at my paying day job, my calling, my passion, my joy. We reminisced in the rain for a bit, no umbrellas. I felt every drop and soaked it up like a thirsty leaf in a drought. He said this encounter made his day (he was on his work break in his car). It made my year. 

I refuse to succumb to the bug. We can blame the virus, that year before this one, sit around and complain and focus on the negative and keep injecting ourselves with daily self- and collective-pity, or we can just not. Masks cannot hide smiling eyes nor fully muffle the sounds of laughter. If we chose smiling and laughter. Just choose it. For a moment. An hour. A day. A week. No matter what. Stay in the light. Better yet, be the light. Ignite yourself first. You can use the blue within, the pilot light. 

Happy Wednesday, all! 

💛 Love always! Laura 🙂

Sand Blooms

Sunflower in the sand
is what I strive to be,
an example that you can be
whatever you want to be,

that you can bloom
from your own inner seed
wherever you desire,
despite circumstance,

but my wish for you
is that you will come to see
being you
is the best way to be

for all that you are
was gifted lovingly
by the Ultimate Gardener
before your sprouting
that First Spring,

and no amount of saltwater,
though it may sting,
can prevent you
from achieving your dreams

if in yourself,
you simply believe.
You have what it takes
to set your own self

Raise your chin
to the sun and breathe
the winds of change
dusting off your leaves.

Finally found-home rooted
or adventure-husked by the breeze,
flourish in or find
what makes you truly
what makes your soul
what makes you blossom most

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Sending This Ray

Thinking of you, old friend,
and sending this ray
to reach you and remind you
you are valued today.

Thank you for all the ways
you inspired me to take up my pen;
I haven’t let it rest since then
and never will again.

It’s not right for the shadows
to ever find you so I
chase them sometimes
because you forevermore deserve
peace of mind,

and souls connecting
in this life
is what most matters,
so these shadows
I’ll continue to endlessly help
sc a t t e r

because you changed my life
for the better:
because of you,
I am a writer.

Pick up your guitar
and strum away
the shadows encroaching
upon you and others today.