Saltwater Rinse

Sometimes the sea simply calls me,
in cahoots with the clouds, it seems;
my steering wheel turns by itself
toward their captivating spell, south,
and where the land ends, it begins,
the shift in me when I step in.

The saltwater rushes my feet
in an urgency to take me
that contradicts with the stillness
that fills me in elixir drips;
there is no sting when it rinses,
my heart and soul wounds, deep cleanses.

As if Sunset stalled just for me,
colors begin to burst and bleed,
adding to the gas canvas,
never settling to finish
what was begun so long ago
in designful, loving brushstrokes.

The waves repeat their friendly hush.
Seabird wings lead my gaze back up
as the day’s light and burdens fade.
My dear friend Moon leads me away;
his beams I feel hugging my soul.
My secrets he already knows.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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