Ice and Fire

Ice crystals upon Florida blades,
clouds engulfed in raging flames,
Jack Frost and Robert
fill my brain…

but neither fire
nor ice do I perceive
in any way
save benevolently,

a campfire in the sky
that enraptures delightfully;
I watch it just the same,
hypnotized by nature’s shapeshifting.

The rareness of this kiss of frost
in the South brings out my glee and awe;
a magical season missed and dear,
Jack gifts me with to make his love clear.

It’s icing on my December cake,
not my birthday but soon his miracle day.
God’s blessings keep continuously upon us rain,
and the coldness warms my soul with shared dreams passionately


Poem and images ©LauraDenise

3 thoughts on “Ice and Fire

  1. Like horns of tree-lichen,
    spun into cloud and set ablaze –

    wisps of things,
    colouring pieces of forever,
    making them intimate
    for gift-wrap…

    gifting eyes that can see no other treasure…

    eyes that might now able to push through the night,
    now that the evening sky has painted them some hope.

    Even when the world freezes,
    it’s still one sunset at a time.

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