Above the clouds,
looking down,
I see the beacon
unable to be buried
beneath the waves
at the “bottom” of
the abyssal sea:

it shines for me,

lighted gem
of hope
at the heart
of the ocean’s soul,

Mother of the light
that has long been
implanted in me.

I recline on the sky-drops,
and the automatic echo
from my chest begins to flicker
its internal glow.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Light Savers

Through the denseness

of the dark forest,

Sun passionately persists

until his rays of hope

find you and guide you




In the darkness of the night,

Moon searches with its beacon,

reflecting on the rough waves

to faithfully remain

by your side,

so you are not



When the hour is late,

Stars congregate

to distract you with

their twinkles,

beckoning you to

dream for a bit and

leave your troubles on



Sun, Moon, and Stars

will never desert you,

so when Hopelessness preys

and Demons call your name,

focus on the light,

Mother Nature’s saving




Poem and image ©Laura Denise