One Bloom

Sometimes we can light
another’s candle
from the light
of our very soul,
and sometimes
it only takes
one bloom
refusing to fold 
to awaken
the world. 

Words and image ©LauraDenise

2 thoughts on “One Bloom

  1. Interesting words to accompany your image, or is it the other way around? I’ve found both an image and the words that go along with it can reach people. I like this one. The image caught my attention as it is similar to one I would capture, the words captured my thoughts… Wonderful.

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    1. Love your work, Mike! When I take the picture, it’s because I feel something deeply in it in the moment. Then the words come. Sometimes I edit to try to show what I’m also trying to have the words express, what I see in the image in hopes that others can see it too. Funny you found this, as no title came to mind whatsoever (usually there is never a pause in the music or dance of my muses), and you know I LOVE your photo titles!

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