Believing in My Beauty

Fresh white canvas brushed with the softest, barely-there pink, soft morning rays after the rain gently blushing my cheek,   single subtle cobweb still tickling me from yester's dusty corners lightly sticking,   I bravely but shyly in this new season ever so slowly again expose my interior; I am fragile now, not as hearty … Continue reading Believing in My Beauty

Bloomless but Green

All those seasons that are bloomless, love still grows green, always seeking, reaching in eternal spring; the beating of drums inside call for a rhythm to synchronize, and when the music of two hearts rises, the romance blooms, but in between, in the bloomless seasons, the green carries the food for the roots and leaves. … Continue reading Bloomless but Green

Lily-Pad Dreams

Lily pads spark childhood delight, call up frogs and dragonflies and sprites;   cross the bridge and leave the mundane behind, big roots spring up from the aquatic deep from where mythical creatures sometimes surface for a peek,     but perhaps the most enchanting part is the beauty that floats on top of the … Continue reading Lily-Pad Dreams

Opening Up

  Closed is safe, hiding, hibernating, cozy and cocooned, protecting the most vulnerable parts of you. To open up would be foolish. And where would you even get that kind of courage? Yet... Out there, you may find the chance is worth taking. Yes, there will be rough elements along the way, for change in weather is inevitable, but … Continue reading Opening Up