Opening Up



is safe,

hiding, hibernating,
cozy and cocooned, protecting
the most vulnerable parts of you. 
open up
would be foolish. And where would
even get that kind of courage? Yet…

Out there, you may find the chance is worth taking.

Yes, there will be rough elements along the way,

for change in weather is inevitable,

but if you

stay in your



you will

never be

able to


ence the

rain or the sun upon your face,

and both are worth it.


Poem and images ©Laura Denise

3 thoughts on “Opening Up

    1. I’m a sunset chaser (walker). 🙂 I do rise early, but my body thinks it’s a joke to not spend that time creating with coffee. When my brain shuts down later in the day, I switch to legs (and camera, of course).

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