Purple Passion


Roses, red,

are so cliché;

violets being blue

is just a lie.

Find me a flower

as unique as can be,

and don’t rush me

as I closely admire it.


Oooh, I’ve never seen

this kind before…

never been very fond

of violet, but you are

definitely an exception.

You’ve done more

than catch my eye:

you have enticed it.


I am hypnotized by your


your floral tentacles

reaching for my spirit.

Without my feet moving,

you take me to an

underwater oasis.


Among fantastical creatures

in uncharted waters

as a mermaid,

I swim free,

taking in all

your world has to offer,

your secret,





I return to the surface,

to the trail,

to my feet,


and return to your

magical sea

more than once

in my dreams…


Poem and image ©Laura Denise


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