The Green

Golden sunbeam finds me between the leaves; I cannot hide from nature's loving reach. Each new day offers new ways for sleepy dreams to be rejuvenated and for goals to be reached, for the only thing between is belief, and will to go after each, for guaranteed after every winter like spring, the potential in … Continue reading The Green

To Witness the Heavens

The winds arrive and excite the waves, even the green line up about the bay, my car detours the same way, all of us drawn to bid farewell in reverence to the last light of day, casting down in glorious display, the awe once ingrained can never be washed away, to witness the heavens on … Continue reading To Witness the Heavens

The Skies and I

The skies are a constant yet ever-changing, stably existing but always swirling, shapeshifting, with new colors, ever experimenting, a testament of intentional creation awe-producing, designed to let the dark pass through rumbling, the water to pour out, quenching and replenishing, snow to fall as virgin canvas offering, wordless language in subtle and profound images revealing. … Continue reading The Skies and I