Happiness Is


Happiness is not always yellow

and sunny.

Laughter favors

no particular season.

A smile, though sparked

most easily by another,

still stems and spreads

from within.


The Moon and Clouds of Gray

still reach out

with benevolence,



want just as much as Sun

to see your face,

your wings spread wide

to spin and dance,


and Rain,

oh, sweet unfavored Rain,


continues faithfully to play,

an orchestra with Thunder,

despite ingratitude

and complaints.


Embrace the rain!

Remember what it is to


before the gripes

of adulthood

swept you away.


And remember the warmth

offered by Sun

can still tickle dimples

from hibernation,

thaw a smile

from the ice,

despite the cold

and long winter season,


for hope,

like joy,

can always be found

if you simply

go out

and look around,


though the truest truth is

it can always be found


though the best way

to waken the laughter

from the heart

is to allow another


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