To Witness the Heavens

The winds arrive

and excite the waves,

even the green

line up about the bay,

my car detours

the same way,

all of us drawn to bid farewell

in reverence

to the last light of day,

casting down

in glorious display,

the awe

once ingrained

can never be

washed away,

to witness

the heavens

on an otherwise ordinary



The grasses seem to try to grasp

the sacred flame as it descends,

as if before bed to hug and kiss it,

or beg for themselves to be orange-painted.

The clouds huddle

and combine their potential

to honor in color

and escort the sun out

as if it were royal,

but royal is of the flesh and blood,

created, too, from the Ultimate Artist’s brush.


All images taken 2/1/20 @LauraDenise

7 thoughts on “To Witness the Heavens

  1. A glorious poem, and absolutely stunning photos Laura… deserves a spectacular video/music clip… by ‘Gamma Ray’….a metal band from Germany…playing their classic song… “Lake of Tears”

    Liked by 1 person

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